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Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Go60 Spa - GO Radiant Facial

Go60 is the newest addition to the Mary Chia Holdings Limited family, a lifestyle and wellness concept boutique located at Esplanade Link (#B1-24) opened in June 2012. The motto of Go60 addresses the worry of having to fend off aggressive consultants pushing to sell you a package at the end of session.

Hence, their concept is simple - a one-stop spa avenue offering a single price structure for all its treatments and products. The name Go60, refers to the fact that everything GOes at $60 nett. Wallet-friendly and a seemingly good variety of deals, I decided to buy a 4-treatment package deal at one of their roadshows. I'm quite the tough critic when it comes to this, after having been to several spas and exposed to a pretty high level of standard.

Credits to Go60
The spa's interior has a pop color scheme and quirky graphics going on, likely to appeal to a mostly younger crowd interested in affordable beauty fixes. Being no frills, the therapy room itself is considerably smaller than most spas I've been to, the bed being reasonably comfortable.

The treatment I've chosen for the day was the Go Radiant Facial, which claims to restore radiance to dull and tired skin. I was abit taken aback that the tube robe I needed to put on was loose with most of the elastic area gone and it kept slipping down. This does not bode well; and I proceeded to inform the consultant attending. I was replied with a laugh and told me that perhaps its because I was too small and thin.

Strike 1 for lack of proper customer service and change of new robe.

Never mind, I had hoped perhaps the treatment would be better and went ahead.

First, my light makeup was cleansed with a fragrant oil remover, and given a gentle cleansing using a honey scrub. Fingers danced across my face, rubbing in the scrub particles to help thoroughly remove impurities. After washing away the scrub, a lavender massage oil was massaged in the neck to relax the nerves. Was a little too forceful for my liking but I was OK with it.

I was appreciative for the steamer machine when it came to the extraction part, as most spas I've been usually do without it. However, my joy was short-lived when it had to be adjusted multiple times to finally get the right spot. First, it was steaming too closely to the left cheek with the right cheek was left cold, then it was put too low and was exhaling steam towards my neck area, then it was pushed too close to my face and making it hard for me to breathe properly.

Strike 2 as I would think that this should be a basic knowledge for where the equipment should be appropriately placed. 

Then came the highlight of the treatment which was a double mask process using a purifying essence and concentrate. A sheet mask is placed onto of the two layers to seal in the effectiveness, and it is left on the face to soak in the nutrients, whilst I slowly drifted into a light nap.

I believe that one of the core principles in doing a spa, is to be rested and relaxed seamlessly throughout the process of the beauty treatment. SO, it was understandable for me to be upset when it came to the removal of mask part, that the consultant was changed halfway. To make matters worse, lights were on full blast and the door was left open so I was rudely awakened to the loud noises from the outside happenings.

Strike 3, the lack of care in taking care of the customer to the very end is a major turn-off.

I'm pretty disappointed overall as I had expected much better from the established name of Mary Chia. On the better note, I did feel quite my face really did look brighter and clearer save for a few red spots due to extraction. Rubbing my fingers across my cheeks , my skin felt fresh and very smooth. But I would really think twice about going through all of that again, and I have one treatment left.

Fingers crossed ....


  1. Wow, sounds quite bad. Maybe a strongly worded letter to their management will learn them!

  2. or it might necessitate that you come in as regularly as 2X per week for about a month and a half to forcefully treat a particular issue you are managing. 마사지코리아 스웨디시


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