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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Digital Fashion Week 2013: In Good Company

After a brief break from the earlier show,we were ushered in for yet another highly anticipated show, In Good Company. Since its foray into the local fashion scene, IGC or In Good Company has immediately taken mine and consumer's hearts by storm.

A Singapore-based label known for its everyday, elegant but simple styles; each capsule features indispensable wardrobe staples with its own modern twist. It defines a certain urban chic aesthetic that's all too perfect for the Singapore market, and counts top-notch tailoring at with reasonable price points as its draw factor.

Bumped into my dear friend Rynna who was working for Du Bois fragrance!
The show opened to the smooth cheeky tunes of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the first outfit, modeled by none other than Jessica Amornkuldilok, the winner of Asia's Next Top Model first cycle. The IGC collection was a sum of many parts, the first few carrying a clean, minimalist aesthetics which reminded me somewhat of CHLOE. 

Over-sized proportions are in again, albeit in a more subtle scale as it reiterates in most of their tops. Pieces are very wearable, with tones of navy, rust orange, neutrals of beiges and camels. Flowy pieces like pants and A-line skirts paint a picture of a woman who's comfortable in her own skin and provides reprieve from the never-ending trend of skin tight skinny jeans and bandage skirts.

It was so cute that they also showcased 'Mini-me', their kids range which are basically a miniature version of the original apparels. 
PS: Mommies, now your kids' outfit can look as cute as yours too!

It was nice to see some of their signature pieces, the drawstring element, recurring on the runway.  Not just your simple pull-and-tie, it is incorporated in various configurations, and it make the luxurious fabrics drape gracefully, hence giving it texture and depth, as well as that special IGC touch. Here in the third part, we see a difference in the persona of the IGC woman. The palette takes a muted turn, and we see goldish- camels, the faintest of blues and monochromes.

Here, the collection takes a stronger and more dynamic turn, strong lines, ruffles and origami accents are seen on elegant cocktail dresses, giving subtle edges to an otherwise simple design. Simple yet different... IGC yet again places the wearer instead of the clothes first, with overpowering details but just enough to make a statement.

This is truly my favourite runway show of the whole fashion week, with me drooling over about 3/4 of the pieces. With timeless pieces like these, its no longer shopping...its an investment. Pure love, I am definitely looking forward to the new collection once it hits stores...and ahem, perhaps make my 'investments' as well? 

What I wore:
Crochet top: Megagamie \ Green trousers: Labellavita \ Bag: AW Rocco Duffel Bag \ Shoes: Lavinia

But Digital Fashion Week experience still hasn't ended! This was all made possible thanks to event management platform Peatix and IS Magazine.

Do look our for my next post as I share with you the "VIP Experience" goodies!

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