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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Review: Meji Amino Collagen drink & powder

Recently at Meji's crazy warehouse sale (in ulu Jurong industrial area), Janice and I trooped back home with our prized hauls: the Meiji Amino Collagen drink. I bought 2 boxes, each box containing 6 x 75ml bottles. Usual price is about $29.90 a pack, but we got it at $18 instead, and even had 7 free packs of Amino powder with each box purchased...what great savings!

Studies has shown that women over the age of 20 will began to lose the collagen in their bodies; and this bodes bad. Why, you ask? Collagen is a protein that provides structure and strength to cells, tissues, tendons and skin. Existing in bundles and rope-like forms called collagen fibers, it works together with keratin in keeping the firmness and suppleness of our face and skin. 

What is special about Meiji's collagen drink is that it uses fish-derived collagen; which 1.5 times more easily absorbed than pig-derived collagen. This makes the prized collagen peptide much more easily absorbed by the body, making it more effective. 

The collagen is blended with selected ingredients: Fish collagen 5000mg + Amino Acid (Arginine) 450mg + Glucosamine 60mg + Vitamin C 50m.... How's that for a  mega does of beauty-boosting?! 

I like drinking this chilled, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Since the tummy is empty, the nutrients are better taken in. Its lemony taste is slighty too sour for me, but pretty delicious otherwise with a faint sweet after taste. Do remember to shake it well before drinking so the flavour is well mixed!

As for the collagen tea-bags, its packed into a cups worth in individual packets.  This set contains a lesser amount of collagen of 1000mg, and comes in a orangey flavour.

This one has a very distinctly orangey fruity taste, and can be served chilled or  hot. Simply open the pack, pour the contents, add water and mix well. The powder dissolves rather easily in a full cup's worth of water. I kinda liked this version better, perhaps because the taste was smoother with hot water. Plus, having a weak stomach like mine, I took to this one better.

After almost a month of religiously taking the collagen supplement (alternating between the bottled and packet versions), I notice a slight improvement in my complexion. My face looks firmer than before.... were all those late nights of writing has caused it to look dull and saggy. I also observed that my face looks abit more radiant such that my thin red veins are visibly lightened.

I definitely can't wait for the next Meiji sale to stock more up, because we all know just how expensive collagen powder and drinks in the market are! Definitely one of the more tastier collagen supplements I've tried so far.

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