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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Launch + Review: The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Range

Held at a rather isolated location amongst its industrial factory neighbours, The Backstage Cafe at first impression, seemed like a rather unseeming place for a product launch until we walked in. The Face Shop's Natural Sun Eco launch was a cheery juxtaposition to the cool, woody tones of the Backstage Cafe. We were served some great-tasting canapes and drinks as the event began.

I had been using The Face Shop's Sun AQ range previously, and found it to be pretty good although the cream was just a tad heavy on my easily-perspiration skin. What makes this difference from the AQ range is that it uses purified extract of sunflower sprouts, which provides NMF or Natural Moisturising Factor.

Fact: The actual meaning of 'Organic' means that ingredients of the product are cultivated on fresh fertile grounds that have not experience any kind of the chemical exposure that usually caused due to pesticides and fertilizers. This new Natural Sun Eco Range consists of the following products below, something to cover every area of sun protection.

Natural Sun Eco Baby mild sun lotion SPF30 PA++ (50ml)
Natural Sun Eco Smart Handiness SPF50+ PA+++
The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Body and Family Mild SPF40 PA+++ (120ml)
The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Aqua sun gel SPF40 PA+++ (50ml)
The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Power Long-lasting Sun cream SPF45 PA+++ (50ml): Review below
The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Oil cut sun cream SPF40 PA++ (50ml) 

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion SPF 50+ PA +++: Review below

A blind test was conducted amongst us bloggers to test everyone's preference. 2 bottles simply labelled Brand X and Brand Y, a small amount from each was applied onto our skin and we were told to vote our favourite. In the end, while some of us chose brand X, the majority of us including myself chose Brand Y (I liked the overall consistency and smell!), which was the Natural Sun Eco Power Long-lasting Sun Cream !

The Face Shop's trainer also gave a demonstration of the range on none other than the pretty and korean-looking Sheena Phua, the winner of their Top Girl competition.

Model for the demo and TheFaceShop's Top Girl: Sheena Phua!
As always, review time! If you had noticed, the latest cosmetic trend these days is the BB-Cushion. The Face Shop joins brands like Laniege and Sulwahsoo in launching their own take of the trend, bringing us Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion SPF 50++ ($41.90).

Ingredients list as follows:

An upgrade from its older version, the new one allows for refills so you don't have to spend that pretty penny buying a whole compact each time you finished it (Eco-friendly!). The item is double-sealed with a sticker to ensure sanitary and freshness of product.

Here is my before and after application of the BB-cushion:
Pardon change in resolution, using my handphone camera for this shot.

Review: I like the sponge! Its not the porous type, so it does not over absorb the BB-solution but rather takes up just enough to deposit and glide smoothly onto skin. Though appearing abit darker than my skin tone when first applied, after blending it matched mine skin pretty well. See how my skin looks smoother after application?

Its a tad more moist that I'd expect it to be, glides relatively well over my face and covers my dry spots. It was also pretty good in covering up my enlarged pores on nose, but I would say double over with loose or pressed powder to set the look as coverage is only sheer.

Next up, we have the Natural Sun Eco Power Long-lasting Sun Cream SPF 45+++. The packing is similar to the AQ range, which is in shades of orange, but with cute sunflower motifs.

Review: I love the soft silky feeling as I smooth a small amount of it onto skin. It has a very slight floral fragrance, and while its a milky off-white color initially, it blends straight into my skin without leaving any trace of pigments. It feels somewhat like my regular skin lotions and leaves a rather matte finish, perfect for layering under my makeup. I would however recommend to squeeze small amounts at a time when applying, and then layer on more when needed rather than spamming too much on your face all at once.

Pic credits to Cassandra 
Thank you for Ena and The Face Shop for the invite!

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