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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Launch + Review: GlamGlow, Hollywood's best-kept beauty secret!

I've seen it on magazines (most recently, Elle Singapore) and spilled across social media. A quick check on the images show its celebrity cult following of the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Seacrest, Giuliana Rancic and more. So naturally, this was one launch that got me extremely pumped up and excited.

GlamGlow's official launch was held at Sephora ION Orchard, featuring its 2 bestsellers, the Youthmud and
Supermud . Together with a few of us bloggers, the event was presided with founders Shannon and Glenn Dellimore, who were larger-than-life characters than their Hollywood address. We had first glimpse of this much sought-after facial mud regime; namely their 2 award-winning products: Youthmud and Supermud. 

The power couple founded the secret formula of Glamglow on their very coffee table top when a certain A-lister actor friend (*coughKeanuReeves*cough) asked if there could be a product that could get him camera-ready in minutes. There, this special mud mask formula was born after much trial and error. Initially sold in small, unlabelled plastic containers to some of their famous friends. But its superb effectiveness travelled fast even through word of mouth, and it soon became the great skincare success it is today, bagging impressive accolades such as Elle International Beauty Awards 2014 and Harper's Baazar Beauty Top 100 award!

Not taking no for an answer, Glenn had all us bloggers' noses in a mud patch to try it out. Here's the lovely Min Ru and Kimberly looking kinda like tribal Aboriginals with our out-of-place grey patches! 

Since the launch was all about the Hollywood theme,  get this: the couple actually borrowed a REAL Emmy award from a movie star friend of theirs! We took turn to pose and take pictures with the effervescent couple until this very mischievous Glenn suddenly decided to go pick me and turn me upside down for fun's sake. Here's me clutching the award for dear life ....

Fun time aside, it was time to put those big claims to the test.
Firstly, abit about the Supermud Clearing Treatment. It comes prettily packaged in a white hexagonal box and is encased in the middle of a matching mini 'backdrop' of its own. The container itself is small and cute with a huge star on the lid (talk about 'star' products, haha)
Clinically developed by dermatological chemists; SUPERMUD was developed as a solution to blemishes, black/white heads, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and minimize pores within minutes. 

But what really makes this such a power-packed product are 3 things:  its PORE-MATRIX science by Activated-X Charcoal and K17-Clay which extracts up to 500-times it’s own mass in bacteria, and impurities!Also, its Acnecidic-6™ proprietary 6 acid AHA & BHA blend: BHA uncongests pores, which is usually the culprit for skin problems, whereas AHA acids helps to heal sun damages and reducing the damages caused by hyper pigmentation. Its patent-pending TEAOXI® Technology derives natural eucalyptol, linalool and flavonoids from the real pieces of Eucalyptus Leaf to nourish and moderate our natural sebum production.

I love the smell (I love any fragrant products, generally). The mask is rather fast acting, with areas drying up within minute of application. Its easy to know when to remove it; once the dark grey of the mask changes to light grey, it means you can wash it off. Although you become quite a sight (reminds me alittle of the Swamp Thing movie), the effects are undeniable. There is the only a slight tightening effect, but mostly what you feel is a very cooling effect caused by the Eucalyptus leaf extract. I took a small pleasure at watching the dot matrix form as the mask dries off, a reassuring sign that facial impurities were being removed.

A closer look below, reveals the Pore-Matrix science taking place before my very eyes; signalling that my sebum, bacteria and blackheads are getting extracted.

And here are the Before and After pictures from the application of the mask:
Review: From what I can see (though not obvious on camera but more how cleansed I felt), I'm loving how clean my nose and cheek area became after the mud was removed. Both masks contain tea leaves, so upon washing off, there's a natural sloughing process as you massage it away with water. My face looks clarified and slightly brighter, and although my blemishes are abit red in the 'After' pics, it is only because of the contact due to the active ingredients and exfoliation. 

Next we have Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, identifiable by its black and slightly bigger container compared to the Youthmud. The packaging is similar with its solid, weighty case fixed in the middle of a mini-backdrop. Containing a medley of exotic ingredients, Mediterranean Sea mud, ancient volcanic pumice rock and TEAOXI®, GLAMGLOW’s groundbreaking patent pending time-release technology.

When spread on face, you may notice miniscule bits of green tea leaves in the mud. TEAOXI pumps time-release antioxidants containing Super-Squalene, EGCG Super-Antioxidants & Polyphenols directly into the mud, thereby giving a gentle resurfacing exfoliation that both smoothens and brightens skin..

Review: I guess the difference in feeling is that the Youthmud feels much, MUCH tighter in sensation; which I reckon is thanks to the Volcanic Rock Minerals which detoxifies skin. Impressive! Mixed with the French Sea Clay ingredient, I experienced a strong chilling feeling but fades off after a few minutes as the mask gradually dries off. But no worries if you think this is too harsh for your sensitive skin, Youthmud also contains Lavender, Chamomile and Cucumber which are anti-microbial and soothes inflammation.

Personally, I think I prefer Supermud, where its a more soothing effect, but in terms if results, I felt Youthmud had a more dramatic effect in my skin. I was able to clearly see significant changes: a brightened complexion, reduced redness (refer to right side of cheek) but what is truly great is the size of my nose blackheads are nearly non-existent!

Both masks are deemed gentle enough for all skin types, as it does not have sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs or triclosan. Upon application (recommended twice weekly, leave on for 10 minutes to get best results), what actually happens is that it absorbs impurities without removing natural oils and drying skin out, instead firming up the skin texture and tightening pores.

Your first reservation might be that its abit picey given the hefty price tag of $92 (same price for both Youthmud and Supermud). But the product is impressive: since its rather rich in texture, you only need to apply just a moderate layer of it. Furthermore, if you have relatively clear skin like me, save for a few pesky spots; the mud treatment can also be used for spot treatments. The amount is said to be good for at least 17 uses for whole face, or up to 1000 times for spot treatments.

So if you are looking for a new facial mask regime, I'd say this is would be a great product to save up to stake your money on. I'm definitely a newly converted fan of Glamglow :)

Glamglow is currently retailing at all Sephora outlets.


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