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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Review + Swatch: Brigitte Cosmetics Duo Blush in PK2

Since its inception into the beauty market, I've been eyeing Brigitte Cosmetics for a long time. A well-loved brand in Japan, I like it for its very natural-colour choices and boudoir-inspired packaging (abit like Marjolica). I've read somewhere that its aimed for 20- 33 year old who appreciate the finer and beautiful things life, and I guess that description fits me to a T? Plus, I've always been a fan of Japanese beauty brands so when my old Laura Mercier one ran out, I simply had to try this darling Brigitte blusher out.

Brigitte has 2 kinds of blush: the Duo Tone one as well as Marble Creamy Cheeks (A mousse-like blusher type). As my cheek areas are on the oily side, I went with PK-2, a shade that is not too pinkish but still looked pretty natural. Here are the other tones to look out for:
Although the blush appears to be slightly glimmery, I like how it comes out very soft and natural, and the staying power is pretty decent. You can also use it separately; the lighter shade as a highlighter goes on the top of your cheeks, and the darker shade as a flush color. For me, I actually mix both up and apply directly to the apple of my cheeks in a circular motion.

Swatches as follows (in natural daylight):

When applied on my cheeks:

Its great how soft the shade turned out, in fact the colour was so light I needed brush on about 3 times more than my usual amount to photograph the color! Since I have oily cheeks, I do have to touch up abit after 3-4 hours. I think the overall range of colours are very wearable for yellowish Asian skin like mine., and perfect for ladies seeking a very au-naturel look. Though I'm more into matte blushes, I'm definitely loving how the glimmer aspect of the blush illuminates and gives dimension to my complexion. Am looking forward to trying out the other blusher shades next!

Brigitte Cosmetics is currently available at select Watsons outlets, and the Duo Blush is retailing at $24.90.

Do like their Brigitte Cosmetics Facebook page for the latest promos, and they're super big giveaways! 


  1. Nice duo and it looks great on you!

    1. Hi Leelo, thank you :) If you ever have a chance to try, its really great to use :)
      I just followed you on B'lovin..great blog!

  2. I like the packaging! It looks good on you, gives a natural flush on your cheeks! :)


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