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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review: Weekend Brunch Goodness Galore at MEDZS!

Brunch lovers, you are in major luck. MEDZS has a new all-too-delicious brunch menu it should be made criminal. I've been to MEDZS once before for a colleague's farewell, and their large tasty array of food choices had left me hankering for more. So when Ben and I had the luck of being invited for the food-tasting before the official release, I knew we lucked out :)

Quick introduction; MEDZ is similar to the cashless, casual dining style of Marche. Customers get a card, of which they go to a food station of their choice, scan the card and pay for the food upon checkout. MEDZ features mostly Mediterranean cuisines from Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Italy and France. It also has its own bar and is well stocked with over 100 international and craft beers; a popular after-work joint.

The french classic dish croque monsieur has been given a funky dub as Le Jolly Monsieur ($13.90). Compared to one that I had recently at Penny University, this has an equally thick cheesy layer but a comparably lighter in taste. Slices of ham, bacon and Pork Bratwurst was coupled with Bechémel Sauce; and layered with Cheese, Scramble Eggs. However, due to a lapse in serving time, I found the bread to be abit soggy due to steam condensation.

Here's an interesting (and delicious) alternative to your regular sandwich: the Stacked Brunch Torte ($14.90). Featuring layers of eggs, ham, mushroom, spinach, cheese and bell peppers, encased in a crunchy puff pastry; this is one of the dishes you don't want to miss. I confess I'm not a fan of spinach, but here it melds so well with the overall combination you barely notice it. I like how the overall natural moistness of the ingredients is balanced with the drier pastry crust. 

Girls on a diet, this is a dish that doesn't compromise on taste but keeps those calories in check.
Bonus: The grilled salad that comes with it is to die for.

Bouncy Benedict ($13.90) was a dish that surprised me. I'm not really a fan of Salmon, but this made me take seconds unknowingly. Eggs Benedict was poached well without being overcooked, and the watery texture of the yolk melded well with the sweet thin, folds of Salmon fish, balancing the savoury with toast. DELICIOUS. PS: Love the grilled hashbrown that comes with it

This dish, the Egg-crowned Shakshouka ($14.90), sounds like some regal dish reserved only for the royals. The aroma was gorgeous, soft tender portions of lamb thats bathed in a moderately thick sweet-spicy sauce. For my personal choice, I took a portion of the sauce and abit of the runny egg yolk to go with the lamb. This makes the sauce less spicy but also give another dimension to its flavour. And surprisingly, most lamb dishes I've tasted has an overwhelming 'gamey' taste, but this one does not. 

Our table speculated how one would be able to have such a seemingly heavy-weight dish such as Spicy Chicken Tangine ($13.90). Actually it proved to be rather delectable and not actually that heavy if shared with another. Chicken thigh is soft and parts easily when cut, meat portions are pretty generous. Its thick, starchy zingy sauce goes well with the hard boiled egg and vegetables, and comes with potato pancakes thats great for dipping and eating on its own.

FYI, I found it to be just a medium hotness, it should be ok for the lightweight chilli eater. 

Poiseidon's Wrap ($14.90), I thought was a rather quirky and grand name for the dish; Poiseidon being the Greek god of the Sea. The culmination of fresh vegetables, with soft morsels of prawns and squid is stuffed in a wrap is the perfect size for anyone who is looking for a moderately-sized meal or one on the go. I like that the wrap wasn't too thick so it doesn't take away from the taste.

I found the wrap abit dry and thick for me, but this is quite a generous serving of fillings. While it tasted fresh and good, I found it abit ordinary despite its epic name. 

Of course, we can't leave things hanging without a desert. A Berry Pancake Gala ($12.90) features
Strawberry Sauce. Pancakes are a total weakness of mine, and this was no different. Soft slabs of pancake are topped off with fresh berries, summer berries and topping cream choices of Maple Syrup, Mango Sauce, Vanilla Sauce. Balance the saccharine-ness of sauces with bursts of fresh fruits and soak it all up with the fluffy pancakes. 

I'm just hungry typing this whole post out... this definitely heralds a round 2 for me! MEDZS's bunch menu is currently available at the following places. Your turn to get those taste-buds working!

MEDZS @ Orchard Central Address :
181 Orchard Road, #B2-01 to 03 / #B2-30 to 43, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Opening Hrs : Monday to Sunday 11am – 11pm
Telephone : 6238 9028
Website :

 MEDZS @ Millenia Walk Address :

9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-46/47/55/56, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Opening Hrs :Fri-Sat: 11.30am – 1.00am Sun-Thur: 11.30am – 12am
Telephone : 6337 7507
Website :

Thank you for the invite MEDZS & Racheal + Li Qin!


  1. It is 1.23am right now and my stomach can't stop growling! Sweetie, your pictures are LETHAL hahaha

  2. you didn't try their seafood paella? i love them, lots!

  3. Now I'm really hungry. You capture each dish well. I think the pancake dish is my favourite!

  4. This looks so good babe.

    Great meeting you in person at the Talika event last week! See you around soon!

  5. Oh my oh my! Is it okay to be hungry at this hour? The Bouncy Benedict looks so delicious! :Q

  6. That Spicy Chicken Tangine is making me drool as is the rest of the food! Really wish I could try this place out.

  7. amazing pics! and I am getting so so hungry! I would like to have all of them! right now! :D

  8. wow, all your photos look great! made me very hungry.

  9. So delectable! I would love to dine herr and try those samples.

  10. ooo that spicy chicken tangerine looks so yummy!! gosh my taste buds are tingling =)

  11. I just ate my lunch and now I'm hungry again! ugh! I want the berry pancake! <3


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