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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Love Being a Blogger

I'm not one to join blog competitions, but what caught my eye was the title of the Influencer Network's facebook page: I Love Being a Blogger. I've been meaning to write about why I started to blog, and perhaps this was the perfect timing.

Good question, and where do I begin?

It began way early, back when I was studying for my Diploma in Mass Communications. Of all the media forms out there, I was already in love with the glossy, colorful pages of magazines. Why, I even made a mockup of a magazine as my final year project! So, in the later part of my life when I started working at SPH Magazines, I guess it was no surprise to anyone.

I was in the marketing division, and sat directly opposite the editorial teams of NUYOUand FEMALE. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed my role as a marketer, I couldn't help but sometimes peep above my grubby partition. There was always a small part of me that wondered how life was like on the other side of the pasture. Those writers, ever so impeccable despite the chaotic environment, all whilst churning out editorial gems that I've kept archived next to my bed.

So when I left to finish my degree studies, I decided to try my hand at blogging. Perhaps, in a way, this was how I would stay close to the fashion and beauty industry I'd always been passionate about. I mean, it should be easier right? No 'Devil-wears-Prada-esque' scary editors and mad deadlines breathing down your neck, and I get to dabble with my closeted writing passion. Pretty picture here, couple of liners there...shouldn't be too bad.

WRONG. Just like professional journalists, being a blogger takes hard work too. At least, if you really want to have good and interesting content that will leave readers coming back for more, and not copy + paste press releases as pass it off as a post. In the seemingly cut-throat blogosphere, to really stand out is tough. But I've had the privilege of meeting some amazing content makers who really put in the hours in crafting stories, taking breath-taking photos and maintaining their websites with the latest news and updates.

Undoubtedly, we bloggers do enjoy the many perks of the job. In the short span of 7 months since I started, I have been very blessed to have a warm reception from several fashion and beauty brands whom I have had the  privilege to work with. 

From attending the most exclusive events and luxury launches,

From left clockwise: Digital Fashion Week'13, Vertu launch, Hermes Olympics event
getting some pretty darn AWESOME sponsors, 
From left clockwise: Modajar, Honore Pas
to the empowerment blogging gives me, opening doors and having unprecedented access to interview some truly inspirational figures and celebrities, and sharing their individual stories and personal journeys to where they are today.

Getting featured in the very magazines I've loved;

Nuyou Sept'13 issue
Making some really nice friends along the way,

And of course, not forgetting the barrage of goodies to review!

This is a massive step, coming from a girl that has always been bullied, been ostracised and belittled since her school days. Never got invited to parties, never was chosen for anything and never had anyone interested in me aside from my beautiful classmates. I was pretty much an awkward, prepubescent wallflower of sorts, so growing up I believed that I was ugly, and that no one would ever care about what I had to say.

That is, on my birthday last year, where my closest friends pooled together to get me an Asus Memopad.

' Why', I asked.

To which they replied; 'Because, we know you love to write and that you are good at it. Stop procrastinating, pursue that dream and start your blog already!'

Then, it hit me. Why should I let the past hold me and keep me in limbo? More importantly, I NOW have friends and family who believe in me and support me. It was time to shed the shell of that scared and timid girl and embrace the future ahead.

So to answer that question, why do I love blogging? 

One reason is that its a special something I have in common with my boyfriend Ben, who also blogs for his automotive website, Though limited in automotive knowledge, its fun to learn and at the same time understand his passion through my article contributing. While Ben has yet to guest write on my blog (imagine the possibilities...), I am more than grateful for all the help and support he's given, be it taking photos at my events and tackling pesky HTML codes. And in doing so, it keeps the spark in the relationship going and helps better understand each other's passion.

But the most important reason? Its simple to see from the moment you type in the url: Everything from the layout design, the writing, and the pictures are all done by yours truly. It is the digital fruitation of a girl who just really wanted to write and be a journalist in her own right. I know I'm barely scratching the surface as compared to those other amazing bloggers out there, but hey, I do what I can...and I find myself being happy doing it.

And in doing so, I feel that I'm one step closer to discovering myself.

And while I'm still not that cool girl (rather, a major klutz who still knocks things over), am alright looking (God bless cosmetics!), and sometimes its crazy trying to rush between events and churning out posts.... the difference now is that this girl has found her voice and courage through this blog. And she has learnt to embrace what makes her happy and carry on doing it no matter what the detractors say. That is what is about.

One thing is for certain: This, is why I love blogging.
Thank you reader, for being a part of it.

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