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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: Anna Sui Spring Makeup Collection 2014

I don't believe I ever had such a thrill run through me, than when iconic black-boudoir makeup brand Anna Sui sent me some oh-too-lovely sets from their Spring Makeup Collection 2014 range to review. One thing to know about ladies new to the brand: All their cosmetics smell divine of tea rose ;  a favorite scent of the namesake designer. I actually found myself opening this lovelies occasionally just to get a whiff of this delicate fragrance.

If there was only one makeup item I could only own, it would definitely have to be Blushers. Being Asian, the yellow undertones in my skin tends to look very sallow and washed out. Hence, by adding a dash of cheek color, really pulls the look together and livens up my overall complexion. And Anna Sui does it a cut above the rest: the Rose Cheek Color in 601 Magical Rose, ($49). What I have here is 1 of 2 new additions to its blusher line; the other is a more pinkish hue called Princess Rose.

Intricately crafted into flower motifs that just flutters my heart each time I look at it, the vivid and pastel colors can either be used solo or blended together for a different...very versatile! The color quadrants basically contain 4 shades: Milky Orange (Silver Pearls), Orchid Pink, Light Gold (Gold Pearls), Peach Beige (Silver, Gold Pearls). Interesting to know, its Moist Powder Base is created using their unique Paste Dry method, to produces a dewy and airbrushed finish.

When swatched on hand:

Furthermore, its Oil Mix base means that the powder's staying power is longer on skin.  The Oil Mix base allows the powder to adhere to the skin- making it long-lasting. allows for blend-able color with a soft, air-brushed finish.

When applied with all colors blended. 
Review: Being someone who prefers a more natural makeup, this cheek colour blusher is just the right thing for me. Although the color palette seems to be a vivid strong orange hue, the color payoff surprisingly veered towards a universally flattering, healthy, peachy-coral shade. Almost like that initial flushed look that you have after a nice long workout at the gym. But as the color is abit on the light side, ladies who want a stronger flush of color may need to layer more coats.

Next, I have the Anna Sui Lip Crayon 303 ($33), one of three limited semi-matte edition shades in their Lip Crayon lineup. Using Light Touch Oil, the ingredient basicall lends the perfect amount of slip to this formula and helps to prevent my lips from drying out (which its really prone to). Beyond the seemingly petite product, the lip crayon packs a nourishing edge with its Rosa Canina fruit extract and Jojoba oil, and features Red Lamé and Silver to give that sweet color.

When swatched on hand: 

Review: I love the color, a natural-looking but not an overpowering shade of pink. One coat gives you a sheer flush of rose, but two coats give you a vivid pink that catches the attention. Additionally, it contains Matte Powder has been added for an even closer fit that yields a beautiful, long-lasting finish with minute glitter particles to give that extra sparkle to your lips. I think that this gives you the best of both worlds: simply twist and apply; the lip crayon glides on smoothly on my lips and is great to be used as a lip liner too!


Lipstick love much? The Anna Sui Limited Lipstick ($40) noticeably has packaging that's different from their signature black boudoir style, replaced with rose patterns running down a white background that symbolises the beginning of spring. It contains Rose Canina Fruit Oil and Jojoba Oil that both soften and nourish chapped lips while giving rich color.

When swatched on hand: 

Review: Again, the color payoff is light, and so if you are looking for a stronger hue, you may need to apply more than one coat. I loved the light rose-pink color it yielded, although I must say I was surprised that when applied the shade is abit more pared down. Kudos to its truly moisturising factor, my lips felt smooth, an almost watery texture and appearance. Its my must-carry in the frigid environment that is my air-conditioned office, keeping my lips hydrated from chapping (though I recommend a fresh coat every now and then). Lips appear smoother with lesser wrinkle lines.


Though not a part of the Spring collection, this all too-quaint-too-behold nail polish. Encased as part of a little Victorian-style gown, the Anna Sui Nail Color 300 is a girly pink, sparkly nail lacquer peeking out at the glass skirt bottle. It is just the thing to add a little something special to jazz up your plain usual nail routine!

When swatched on nails:

Review: At first, I was abit sceptical it being overly glitzy for work, but when using this onto of my regular French manicure nails; it was actually quite wearable. In the mix, you can see a combination of pink round sparkles and nano-silver glitter. It's a little tricky to get an equal amount of glitter for each nail (as per all embellishment coat polishes) but I like that it dries fairly quickly and is quite hardy against abrasions.

The abovementioned products are currently retailing at respective Anna Sui counters located at Takashimaya D.S., Isetan Scotts, BHG Bugis.

Thank You for the love, Anna Sui!

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