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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Review: Exuviance OptiLight range

My last trip to Exuviance Club was amazing, but after beauty treatments I often wonder...what happens after? I mean, my face looked so clarified and brightened but I knew I would be quite disappointed if I can't upkeep the same level after my treatments. Plus, I can't possibly afford to go to a beauty spa ever so often.

Thankfully, The generous people at Exuviance knew my worries, and had kindly sent over this care package from their inhouse OptiLight range: the OptiLight Daily Prep (facial wash), OptiLight Tone Corrector and the Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Contour cream.

First up, I cleansed my face with the OptiLight Daily Prep (100ml, $60). This cleanser utilizes active sciences including its patented NeoGlucosamine element to slough away dead skin cells and pigmentation, and uses Alpine plants (plants that grow in temperate environments) to conditions to prevent new spots formation and clarifies to give skin luminance.

Directions: Apply to wet skin and gently massage to cover entire face before rinsing off. Recommended for morning and night use.

Review: The wash is actually a shimmery gelish consistency that doesn't lather much even after adding water. I must say I did not fancy the chemical smell it has, but the scent is rather faint and isn't over-powering. That having been said, I am quite impressed by the clean after-feeling, without giving that waxy, tight feeling. My complexion seems appeared to be considerably brightened than before, I reckon thanks to the exfoliation of impurities from my skin.

The OptiLight Tone Corrector (30ml, $90) is a powerful serum supplement that not only reduces the appearance of dark spots but also to treat uneven skin tone. Like most Exuviance products, it also uses their patented NeoGlucosamine to eliminate pigmentation, and coupled with Retinol and Vitamin C to reduce and treat the spots. Like the Daily Prep mentioned above, it also contains Alpine plants and Turmeric (yes, the spice!) to prevent new spots from forming. Optical diffusers in the product helps to give complexions that luminous glow. For people with sensitive skin, you will be happy to know that this is paraben- and paba-free.

Directions: Apply sparingly to any areas of discolored skin once daily for 2 weeks, then twice daily after. Because this is photo-sensitive, limit any sun exposure during and after use to prevent darkening from re-occuring. 

Review: I felt that the sweet-smelling cream was slightly rich for my skin, and so I use it only before I sleep so that the nutrients would be able to work their magic overnight. Spread onto my face without feeling sticky or being weighed down. If your face is combination to oily skin type, I'd recommend that you apply in sparing amounts. After about a week's usage, I felt that my older blemish scar marks seemed to be lightened slightly and become less visible. Which was good news... means that I now spend less time and makeup trying to conceal my blemishes!

Such impeccable timing since I had just ran out of eyecream! The packaging was similar to the Neostrata I tried previously, no surprise since they are both from the same parent company. Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Contour cream ($113.00) contains a potent formula of ingredients to tackle various problems:

1) Peptides: to replenish collagen in skin structure to produce a supple look,
2) patented Maltobionic Acid/ PHA: to tackle crow's feet,
3) Caffeine extract to counter the puffy eyebags,
4) Botanical ingredients such as Chamomile and Ginseng helps to keep the eye area refreshed and supple,
5) Optical diffuser help to brighten and restore illuminance to eyes.

Directions: Gently apply around eye area, use twice daily. If any irritation occurs, reduce usage until skin adjusts.

Review: The cream has a slightly thicker consistency than past eyecreams I've used before. I half-squeezed a small amount, and using my ring finger, gently tapped on my undereye and eyelid area. Upon application I felt a slight warm tingling experience that faded rather quickly. While changes are not immediately noticeable, I did feel that the delicate eye area felt firmed and did not seem as puffy as before. Into a week's use, I was glad to note that my undereye bags had been reduced, restoring life back into my almost listless looking eyes.


So now, you can prolong and maintain that glowy, clarified post-spa complexion like I did. Its really important to not neglect that. All products reviewed here are available for purchase exclusively at Exuviance Club located at 6 Tagore Drive, #04-07 Tagore Building Singapore 787623; or you can purchase it online and have it sent to your doorstep at 

Stay Beautiful, everyone!

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