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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Longchamp Paris: 'Bagging rights' with your personalized Pliage Cuir!

Aficiandos, love your Le Pliage Cuir bags but ever wished that you could stand out from everyone carrying it? Longchamp has heard you and has introduced their personalization service; which allows you to customise the Le Pliage Cuir to the way you like it! After all, life is all about choices, and so why shouldn't your quintessential bag? Their fun, catchy upbeat teaser video below pretty much summed up my excitement:

I was kindly invited to their Paragon to design my very own Le Pliage Cuir, but I was all nerves. I mean... the original is already a classic to behold, and so I hoped that I was able to come up with a sartorial creation that's worthy of the brand.

Maddy quickly walked me through the process: an easy to navigate program on the Ipad where you can customise the strap, body, handles, flaps, and decide if you want some embossing or perforation on it. Imagine the countless possible combinations that one could come up with to have a truly one of a kind creation to call their own... I was psyched. You can also do play around the same function at their online store HERE.

Available as well, were material swatches so you can really feel and study the colours before making your decision. These buttery soft leathers are available in colors of Camel, Taupe, Pink, Indigo, Vermilion, Lemon-Yellow, Orange and Black. And if you should choose to perforate like I did, it is vital to chose a complementing inner lining as it would show out through the perforation as a highlight. Available in 5 shades, your challenge in choosing is doubled!

Being the ever fickle Gemini personality that I am, I decided to walk around the store to try and glean some inspiration from the existing samples. I was torn between the Small and Medium size, which both were actually roomy enough to fit in all my daily necessities. And I was also in a dilemna whether to take advantage of the customising choices to the max; or to stick to safer combinations since my overstyle is simple and minimalistic.

Should I go for the small? Petite for outings with the Boy or dates with the girls...

....Or perhaps medium, a never-go-wrong choice for work and travel. 

Unfortunately for the ever lovely Maddy, she was subjected to my rather fickle self and had to put up with quite some waiting time until I finally hit the 'confirm' button (and even then, I was still uncertain!).

In the end: I've always loved red because its such a confident hue to me, and so the body I chose it to be in Vermillion Red, coupled with ever classy black as accents for the handle, flaps, tabs, and body sling. For the lining however, I went with a midnight blue hue to keep the color scheme simple still, and complement its dark components. Of course, I had to add that special finishing touch: perforating Junedujour initials in the front.

My virtual end-product... what do you think?
The good thing about this is that while you would usually have to wait for almost a few months for your customised order can be completed, the new process shortens the waiting to approximately 4 weeks! How's that for convenience! The big question will the bag turn out? I am glad to reveal this in below.

 Fresh off the crafting table of makers and into my anticipating hands: (pardon color change as camera was n able to capture, but I assure you its true red color)

Verdict: It is possibly everything I could dream of and more. Words can hardly express for this new love of mine; the leather texture is as soft and buttery than I could have ever imagined. One look at it, and I knew I made the right choice keeping the color theme as it really gives a pop of color to my usually minimialist outfits. The sling is slightly on the long side for me though. I have since gotten few compliments and the occasional query about what the initials stand for which makes for a great conversation starter at events. Feeling inspired? Get creative at the Longchamp store branch nearest to you, and create your very own masterpiece today!

Possibly the highlight of my blogging career, I am truly grateful to my Longchamp for the generous gift. A shoutout of thanks to Maddy and the Longchamp team!

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