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Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm a finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards! Best Beauty Blog

*takes a deep breath*

So I have had the unbelievable honour of being a finalist for the annual, highly coveted Singapore Blog Awards, and I figured I needed to pen down my thoughts abit to get around the radical whirlwind of happenings. I got the news from a unassuming phonecall with a very jovial voice on the other end informing me of the nomination, and I found my wary stern-sounding voice (because I thought it was yet another pesky telemarketer) very quickly give way to a high-pitched squeak of disbelief and a series of heart palpitations. I swear I'm not dramatising. 

Now you must understand, I've only been around for about barely 10 months and I've always believed that I'd write for the love of the written word. Fast forward into the present, countless events, faces and articles later, it has yet to hit me that I've come this far to stand in line with fellow bloggers that I've been reading and have an utmost respect for. From reading and wishing, to doing and creating what they have been doing for years. I am truly humbled and floored for this accolade. 

Unlike most beauty bloggers, I am not really someone whose picture perfect all the time, the sheer vision of femininity and grace. But through, I think I've began to love myself abit more than I did in the past, and I began to embrace being the average-girl-next-door who dared to take a step and dream. 

Plus, its extra sweet when you have your parent's support in an otherwise misunderstood passion. When I first told my mom, I'd like to go into blogging, I won't sugarcoat it...she balked at the idea bigtime like any typical Asian mom would and told me to get my head outta the clouds and focus on my day job. Well, I told you Mom, I'll make it somehow, didn't I? Her look of surprise (and I reckon, traces of pride) was pretty priceless for me. 

Anyways, the whole point of this post is just a slight pow-wow between my inner excitement mixed with some pre-competition anxiety. I look back at the people, places and events I've been and I just feel so blessed. My blog has always been an extension of myself and my beautifully imperfect life, and it make me happy to share my celebration of life with everyone.

Thank you readers, for being a part of it. As a small token of my appreciation, I'm giving away some pretty cool beauty products (partly too that my beauty cabinet is about to overflow and I need to make space), but it also includes some of my favourite things like Macadamia Hair Oil, Calvin Klein's Sheer Beauty EDT and more! 

Vote for me if you'd like HERE, but hey if voting ain't your thing, I'm really just happy for your kind support. I hope my small tale of happiness has inspired you somewhat to take a first step in pursuing your passion, no matter how old or how much later in life you are at. Here's to hoping to make a change in the world, one word at a time.

As I embark on an intensive 3-week competition period where I'll be dishing out some cool beauty tutorials, here's to wishing me luck and may the best girl win!

Love always. June

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  1. Ohh my! Congratulations! ^ u ^
    I hope everything will go super duper amazingly for you teehee! ^ v ^


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