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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SBA 2014, Part III: That Effortless, Natural Chic look

When we told to come up with a themed-look of sorts, I wanted to be crazy and generate some avante garde complicated epic beauty tutorial that would get . But then thinking again, I figured that it would be perhaps easier for me to share with you my favourite natural look, topped with sexy loose curls. My beauty philosophy has always been 'Less is More', and that women should never let superficial beauty cover what is truly within. To me, I feel that that's my epitome of how a great looking woman should look: effortless, natural but accentuating her best features and feeling great in her own skin.

Hence, I decided this step-by-step beauty tutorial to show you how I achieve my everyday, barely there natural look. I am also topping it off with a headful of bed-head sexy loose waves that I hope will make people that I naturally woke up looking this fabulous ;) Here's the breakdown of the makeup used:

Prep & Conceal: Your face is a canvas for transformation so its vital to get it flawless for the magic to happen. I used...

- Estee LauderDouble Wear All Day Glow BB with SPF 30/PA+++ : for sun protection and to conceal my uneven skintone, giving me a healthy glow. 
- YSL Touche Eclat highlighting pen in 2.5: giving light to the dark abyss that is my eye circles. I also around nose corners, above and below brows and down my nose line to highlight and define these areas.

- Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 tinted spot roll-on: Creamy and surprising good coverage for its affordable price. Not only it blends seamlessly into my skintone, it also has active ingredients to treat blemishes.
- Beauty Biotics loose powder in Shimmer: Containing nano glitter, it provides an added layer of UV protection as well as brightens up my complexion.

Defining Eyes: Since my eyes are my favourite features, I'm defining it lightly with natural shadow hues like taupe brown and light tangerine to accentuate the eyelids.

- Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes palette in Shiny A1: Using the lightest shade, I tapped gently below my brow arch to highlight it. Next, dust the medium tone all over the eyelid (b), and smudge the darkest shade in a small at the outer edge (c).
- Panasonic heated eyelash curler: Using the downward curl setting, I first curled both upper and lower lashes, holding it for about 5 seconds per lash lines. I recommend holding it for another 5 seconds at the very tips for better outwards extension.

- Dior Addict It Lash Mascara: Obligatory double swipes for upper and lower lashes for lengthening.

Cheeks & Lips: Pulling the look together calls for a dash of healthy color, using pink shades close to my natural skin and lip hues.

- Lucent Magique Blush of Light Glow palette: Using a fluffy brush, I swept the blush shade in a horizontal "8" figure, from the apple of my cheeks towards my hairline. For oval faces like mine, this is a beauty tip that Korean girls use to get a cutesy finish. 
- Esprique lipstick in RD450: Finally, I topped off with a creamy pink lipstick that matches the natural shade of my lips.

I've been saving the best for last; the Panasonic EH-HS95-K Nanocare Straightener featured in my very first SBA post about the styling workshop. Genuinely, though I profess I'm not really a hair person previously, this may all change. Unlike conventional ones, Panasonic prides itself on its Nanoe technology, which helps returning moisture back to your hair. 

Its quite remarkable; using a circulating system it takes moisture from hair into the nanoe mechanism, converting the evaporated water content into nanoe ions which are then emitted through the outer vents and back into hair. And this means alot to a hair newbie like me, where my hair has undergone numerous tries; thankfully my hair is amazing still smooth without any burned/frizzed strands.

Here is my fast and easy steps for that sexy curls that's perfect for taking you through day and night! The EH-HS95-K Nanocare Straightener has 5 heat settings ranging from 150/170/180/190/200 degrees,which is handy to meet the needs for your hairstyle for the day (eg, higher heat for faster curls). 

1-2)Here I'm set it at a comfortable 180 degrees. Next, 3) I divided the upper and lower portion of my hair and clipped the top part up. 4-5) Taking a comfortable amount of my hair, I clamped down at half-length and wrapped the remaining unclamped strands around it. With a steady hand, curl it slowly inwards and hold for about about 5 seconds before releasing.

Now the tricky part I faced here was 6) to keep turning the straightener as I moved down to curl the remainder. Slowly and sparingly release grip bit by bit to curl. I won't deny, this particular action takes abit of practice to get the hang of it, so don't get discouraged if you did not get it right the first time. 7) Repeat the same for the other side until all of the top section has been curled.
What I really appreciate is its ceramic plates which help to glide hair through easier as compared to conventional hair irons.

If you have been following well, 8) is pretty much the result you should be getting! Now moving on to the top layer, 9) I tied up the already curled lower half in a loose ponytail to avoid mixing up with my straight hair. I also clipped up my fringe 10) to segregate and curl separately. 11) Again, repeat the same curling technique done for for the entire top section of hair.
* Alternatively, you can vary the direction of curls to give the look more dimension and texture.

12) Last but not least, I wrapped my fringe round the straightener and curled inwards in a raised manner (to avoid it from becoming a flat curl) before releasing it slowly in a downwards direction. This essentially give it a very gentle wave finish, which was what I wanted to achieve.

And when all is said and done, VOILA!

After thoughts: how do you like it? Although I was abit skeptical about my skills, the Panasonic EH-HS95-K proved to be an easy joy to use with simplified controls and Nanoe technology which kept the chances of burnt hairs an all time low. As always, I do hope you found this tutorial useful and have enjoyed reading my trials and tribulations of learning the Art of Hair-Curling.

And there you have it, my last post for the Singapore Blog Awards! It has been such an infinite honor and pleasure to be selected barely within my first year of blogging, and its been great learning new things from my fellow finalist as well. I truly, truly had fun playing with the beauty tools and cannot wait to get my hands on my very own to carry on honing my skills. While I know I'll definitely miss this experience, I'm glad the rush for deadlines are finally over! <3

Stay updated on the happenings at the Singapore Blog Awards Facebook page, and check out more of beauty tools goodness  here at the Panasonic website / Panasonic Facebook (click for links).

Now its in your hands! Just 2 days till the closing date, please support and vote for me HERE!

Love always, June
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