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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Launch + Review : Karl Lagerfield's HIM & HER Eau De Toilette

When the Kaiser (which means Emperor, as affectionately dubbed by media) commands, his call is undeniable. When the most iconic, powerful man in fashion redefines a scent, the world watches in anticipation. Now this much anticipated fragrance had me on my toes not just because it was by the visionary behind the Chanel brand, but Karl Lagerfeld's innate talent behind sourcing out the true essence of something and translating it into some simple, organic and tangible.

Guys dressed up as immaculate butlers roves about offering whiffs of the new scent, some carrying delectable treats for media and bloggers alike learnt more about the Kaiser's new fragrance.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my boyfriend who answered the siren's call of a good hand massage with the Karl Lagerfield body lotion. I guess that's pretty expected when you are the significant other of a busy blogger. See honey, I told you attending events with me would pay off! 

Both bottles' packaging are relatively identical to each other: a broad T-shaped cap, a bezel circulating at the neck of the bottle before ending with a squarish body. If you had deja vu, its probably because it's the same design as the world's most famous perfume Chanel No. 5, but with a younger update. While the guy's version remains sleek with an all black color, the ladies' version is a faint blush pink liquid with a silver bezel collar, as though it's wearing a necklace.

My first impression of HIM was rather mixed. The top notes were slightly too overpowering for me, greeting me with a full spark of Mandarin balanced with subtle undertones of lavender. As the scent develops, it lightened to the warm heart notes of Tender apple and violet leaf; and anchors to a quiet sensual composition of Sandalwood and Amber, harmonizing it overall. The lingering notes were delightfully 'smoky', something that the Boy and I love. Its a scent that really grows on you, and becomes one you can't do without.

Next we have HER, and I would say that I adore this scent as its pretty refreshing. It opens with a burst of citrusy lemon, and then gives way to its middle notes: a bouquet of Rose, Frangipani, Magnolia. Like HIM, it is anchored by the recurring woody ingredients of Sandalwood and Amber. Beautifully romantic and feminine.

This is a scent that I would especially wear to counter those Monday blues and or when I need a perk-me-up spritz. However, like most floral perfumes on me, it mellow pretty quickly after about 40 minutes or so and calls for a reapplication.

I love the story behind both scents, a tale of olfactory lust that is inspired by two of Kaiser's favourite models, Kati Nescher and Bastique Giabiconi. That gorgeous black and white beguiling photograph of the two muses? Get this: The Kaiser himself shot them personally! You can catch the two in their exclusive behind the scenes footage here, and hear what they have to say about having 'fashion for the nose':

Mr Lagerfield, I dare say that you have outdone yourself yet again. 

Karl Lagerfield HIS and HER is currently retailing at Metro Paragon, and price ranges $70 - $125 (HIM) and $150(HER) respectively, depending on the 3 bottle sizes that you can choose from.


  1. This is the most happening parfume right now, and the smells good. Giglove


  2. Never seen those products before even in my country >,<
    Thanks for sharing :D


    Giglove <3


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