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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Xpect Studio: I am a newly minted Redhead!

Lately I've been dreading to see how I look in the mirror. My hair, without sounding melodramatic, is truly the bane of my existence. To be honest, I almost have a fear of going to the salon...thanks to a horrible incident I had trying out a cheaper place than my usual hair salon. Painful retrospectives aside, I had the pleasure to be invited by Xpect Studio for a total hair overhaul.

Abit about Xpect Studio, they are the reciepient of more than 70 whopping awards and counting!They are deeply involved in both the local and international scene, conducting hair seminars and shows around the world. In fact, they have been the 'mane' magic behind countless shoots, shows and runway events; including an long-standing collaboration with MediaCorp and the President’s Star Charity.

Just a small fraction of their awards cabinet.
Here's what was bothering me about my hair: its dismal. Besides the glaring fact that it has been a good 4 months or so since my last salon visit, my hair had gotten limp and shapeless with split-ends. And DON'T get me started on my faded DIY dye job, which has grown perhaps at least 3 inches. I was in dire straits and just a strand away from being mistaken as the resident hobo.

I initially had my reservations regarding the vibrant shade of red, but decided to place my faith in Kazu, their senior stylist. My exact words to him were; " Do what you want with my hair, but just make it office-friendly." I mean, I can't be sporting a flaming vermilion look in the boardroom, it would look tres informal! Kazu assured me, I was in good hands.

Kazu adopted a interesting concept to my hair: since my roots were vastly showing, he decided to fill in the areas so that my overall brown base would look more even-ed out. Highlight streaks were deliberately distributed on the sides of my head to make it interesting. Unconventional, but I liked it!

After about half hour of letting the color set in, I then proceeded to have the dye washed out. Catherine gave me a really invigorating head massage, and also did some treatment for my rather damaged roots. Her affable demeanour really put me at ease. I was then given the wash off  and turban treatment with a fresh ice-cold honey lemon drink, apparently Xpect's must try drink. Remember to ask for that when you are there!

The overall process was surprisingly fast! Given that a dye + highlight + cut + wash + blow would usually take up to at least 3 hours, I was pleasantly surprised when I was done in approximately about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Apart from Kazu being fast with the scissors, the team work was like well-oiled clockwork: I observed that when Catherine was dying my strands, her colleague actually hopped over to help immediately after she was free. Perhaps the reason why it was much speedier than my past salon experiences.

And behold, my new glossy crowning glory! I love how the red highlights brighten my complexion and the chocolate brown base colour keeps it from being overly loud. As my hair was getting rather long, layering and a trim off the ends gives my hair movement shape. I'd never would have strayed from my usual safe brown shades...but I'm so glad that Kazu pushed me to try something new!

Attached below is the comprehensive list of services they offer... so the next time you're looking to give that that old look a new spin, why not give them a try? Here are their rates and services offered:

Thank you Xpect Studio for the head transplant...- I mean hair makeover!
Not only do I feel more confident with the new look, I'm loving the compliments I'm getting even more! 

Ask for Kazu!
Xpect Studio Orchard is located at:
Orchard International Building 360 Orchard Road, #01-09/10, Singapore 238869
 Tel: 6735 9932 / Fax: 6735 7807  / Website / Facebook

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