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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Of Past Reflections & New Hopes

Hello everyone, how has the new year been for you?
I know this comes infinitely late, but I decided to pen down my thoughts and take a look back to the last 365 days since I started this humble URL and my foray into the blogging life.

During this past year, I have some pretty awesome highlights but being a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2014 and the ION Insider competition are the ones that take the cake: each still surprises me when I think back on how I ever drummed up courage to participate in. Though I didn't win, it was the intangibles that made me happy to be chosen to compete with some of the best in the industry. Such a memorable fun journey and I learnt to curl my hair for the very first time!
Still such a thrill seeing my name on the SBA website
All 10 SBA finalists at the Panasonic Beauty Workshop
And I was proud to be invited to be a Clozette Ambassador! I was never the pretty nor popular girl in school, so this was such a boost to my self -esteem to be considered alongside with very beautiful and talented ladies! Great working with the highly-engaging team who always thinks up some fun and exciting contests for all.

The Clozette Family at the recent tea party gathering
But with the good, comes the bad as well and I’ve my own share of being burnt in the process. One of them being a friend that I had held dear, had for no rhyme or reason just decided to turn her back on me. Whether it was the competitive nature of this world that caused this or perhaps a personal choice, I'll never know but I still feel pangs of hurt when I think about how fragile that friendship was. Was it really all about the perks over true feelings?  But as always, people feel what they want to feel and life still has to go on.

In all plain, blunt honesty, the scene is chaotic with its own rivalries and competitiveness. Take the latest hype by Xiaxue VS Gushcloud bloggers and the great Instagram Purge. Like fellow blogger friend Carrie puts it, it’s a sad day when the tool of blogging becomes a harbinger of vicious words and even more malicious intentions. That having been said, I do believe its a necessary evil to give the blogosphere a much long-overdued reality check in ethics and attitudes. I believe staunchly that time will weed out the gold from the naysayers.

Pic credits to
I'd like to raise a toast to thank friends for giving me tough love when I occasionally descend into a vicious spiral of self-doubt. It's something that I still grapple since my schooling days, but I do believe I am beginning to embrace my strengths more than obsess over my insecurities. Thanks in part to my boyfriend who does not think twice in kicking my booty and remind me why I created this blog (here’s looking at you Ben): my deep-rooted love for writing as I celebrate everything in life and the power to make a change through words.
Working hard @ a food review with Alene aka Paperkitties
#Bbabeshappytimes: Kymm, Celine, Alene 
And I give thanks to new friends in blogging, who have shown me that true warm ties can blossom and flourish despite a sometimes hostile climate. My close knitted sisterhood keeps me sane and I love how we continually learn from one another. A deep note of appreciation to PR companies and brands who shown such generosity in nurturing me in my pursuit for fashion, beauty, arts, and giving this fledging writer such privilege and faith. And not forgetting my readers; I thank you for the constant support you have shown me despite being one of the newest kids on the blogging block, my blessings are to be shared with you.
The lovely Elizabeth Arden Team (with their VPs!) & my fellow bloggers
In my personal life, I've made the big decision to step OUT of the corporate rat-race and march to the beat of my own tune of freelance PR & Marketing (hire me!) I will be honest: it has been hell juggling work, rushing to events and churning out posts in record time! It scares and intimidates me, as much as it exhilarates and excites me knowing that I would be able to fully focus on the many plans I have for the future.

I do not believe, nor wish for blogging to be my ricebowl but I am certainly in want for it to be a major part of my future. I'm growing alongside with, and I hope you'll continue to be a part of it. I may not be your regular pretty-in-every-picture-model-blogger, but hell I'm happy to remain your funny quirky girl to read ;)

So thank you 2014 for being an eventful year of change. 

And hello 2015, I look forward to making the next 365 days even more unforgettable.

With hopes & dreams,
June xoxo

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