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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Late Night Beauty Pamperings @ The Oriental Spa Chamber

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Yes, you read it right: introducing the first ever late night facial by The Oriental Spa (Huang Ah Mah), which is pretty interesting news for night owls like me who often suffer bouts of insomnia. Dubbed as the Imperial Night Beauty Secret facial, this unique facial not just promises to calm the senses; but also offers health benefits as it is centered on a secret of China's Yao Tribe women.

PS: An advance apology for grain resolution; the lighting is low and ambient indoors so its hard for me to capture photos!

The background in a nutshell: The women of the Yao tribe in China have been known to be resilient against of ills thanks to a special herbal bath concoction in which they would bathe and soak their feet daily. Its efficacy is said to be so good that the Yao Tribe women can go about their daily activities such as chopping firewood merely a week after right after childbirth!

*cues befuddled look* For real?! I was still abit skeptical, so I decided to experience it for myself and see if it lived up to the claims and went down at 9.30pm to the Oriental Spa Chamber.

Its first starts off with a herbal foot soak (featuring acacia, speranskia, tumeric, rare Yunan herbs) which has aroma-therapeutic uses and I began to relax while breathing in the scent.  I experienced an very faint, slightly itchy sensation but was assured that as it opens pores and stimulates blood circulation; I had too much 'wind' and it was merely a side effect.

I was moved into a cozy-looking private ambient room next, where the friendly therapist proceeded to do the 8-step. She started off with Artemisia Herbs (艾草) Detox and Ear Candling. I've just become a recent fan of ear-candling, which basically sees a cone of wax set alit to create a vacumn that sucks out the moisture from your ear which causes ear wax buildup.

A small hard piece of Artemisia herb was alit and placed on the navel to help detox and open up pores, and to clear the 12 meridian blockages of harmful materials. It promises to help nourishing skin as well as preventing and curing of skin and gynaecological diseases. improve the micro-circulation system, digestion and alleviate problems like fatigue and muscle pain.

Next, my makeup was gently removed with a milky cleanser before moving into a facial cleanse with Huang Ah Ma’s inhouse Enzyme Facial Peel. I actually felt a slight stinging feeling near the eyes area, but fret not, this is apparently a common occurrence for people with dry skin and will fade away after a short while.

Called the Musical Ball Face Massage, its a metal ball which emits negative ion energy to promote better health as its believed it can include 
biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy. Apart from the health benefits, I found the cool sensation of the ball welcoming to the touch, and as it rolls around my face, it produces a soft tinkling sound that is melodious to the senses.

The therapist essentially uses it in 4 specific strokes:
1) Effleurage stroke – A soothing, stroking movement to encourage lymphatic return
2) Drainage stroke – Lymphatic stimulation and drainage
3) Soothing stroke – Relax the muscle and skin
4) Shiatsu pressure – Reduce the pressure stress and mental stress

The treatment ends with a custom-blended mask; a gelish-feeling chiffon aloe mask to soothe skin and is suitable for all complexion types. As the mask is left for about 10 minutes to effect, my therapist proceeded to do a  Hand Meridian Massage. I certainly did walk out feeling like a queen; hard to believe that in the mere 1.5 hours, how my body felt thoroughly relaxed, even the chronic back pain knotted on the left shoulder blade was gone. I went home and slept like a baby almost immediately after my head hit the pillows; something that is pretty rare as I am quite the insomniac. 

For a limited time only, there is a special promotional price of $88 instead of its usual $188 price tag, so do take opportunity now to experience this one of a kind treatment for yourself!

The  HUANG AH MA The Oriental Spa Chamber is located at 50 Mosque Street, Singapore 059528 

 Hotline: +65 6536 1661 

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