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Friday, March 27, 2015

Shu Uemura X Clozette: Launch of Blanc:Chroma Brightening & Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil

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On a lazy, beautiful Saturday, I had the pleasure of joining several of my fellow Clozette ambassadors for an intimate sharing session with Shu Uemura. I've been using its Porefinist (pink bottle) which has been an amazing oil cleanser for me so I was definitely looking forward to the newest addition: the Blanc:Chroma Brightening & Polishing Gentle Cleansing Oil.

We met with the lovely Zee, who told us to identify some of our own problem areas and draw it out; some may not know but Shu Uemura's  oil cleansers actually come in a variety to answer each women's individual skin needs. And yes, my skin condition is really that bad:

I'm sure you must be thinking the same thing that I did when I first tried oil cleansers: my complexion is already so oily, why add on to it? And wouldn't that cause us to break out? Actually that is a myth; in fact it is more optimal as oil removes oil. By using a special selection of oils and natural actives, the uniquely shaped molecules blend with the makeup and sebum that clogs pores to remove them thoroughly in 1 wash. 

Since none of us dared to shed the warpaint and volunteer as a demo model, we got Clozette manager Mavis (whom we all took a moment to admire her ridiculously clear, smooth and luminous complexion) instead. We also had Jun, their inhouse beauty advisor to show us how to effectively use the cleansing oil and remove it gently. 

After the session, we were also given a 50ml bottle of the Blanc Chroma to test it personally. I was definitely curious to see how it differs from my Porefinist, which has done great for shine control for my oily complexion. What makes the Blanc Chroma different is its use Clay Ex; finely filtered purified volcanic clay extract, which acts almost like a magnet to attract, extract impurities and lighten skin tone.

It also features polishing Lipo Hyaluronic Acid (a natural moisturing-locking agent) which lightens the skin tone by thoroughly sloughing away melano-stains that had built up, dead cells that contain melanin, the component that causes uneven-ness and dull skin tone.

The Blanc Chroma smells just as lovely as the Porefinist that I had used previously; a faint floral scent that doesn't overwhelm. Its almost watery consistency is light-weight for application and doesn't feel like I'm dunking my face into a frying wok. Yet at the same time, you don't need a big amount to work with.

About 20c amount is enough for my entire place, and what I do is to rub it betwen my palms and heat it up to activate the efficacy of the ingredients before massaging it into face in a outwards circular motion. Especially for the eyes which I used lengendary-difficult-to-remove Maybelline mascaras, what I do is dab some on two pieces of cotton wool and place it over my lashes and let it sit for a couple of minutes before gentle swiping downwards to wipe off. 

Here I've actually sprayed some Avene facial water so you can actually see the emulsion effect taking place. What happens is that the upon contact with water, the impurities, water soluble are captured in the milky white liquid and easily rinses off with water; leaving my face feeling clean without that taut, tightened feeling.

I've used it daily for about 3 weeks at this point of writing, and I definitely see some improvements, where darken blemish scars have been lightened considerably and I truly do believe that the subtle glow I observe on my complexion is in thanks to the Blanc: Chroma.

The Blanc: Chroma is priced at $45 for 150ml bottle or $125 for 450ml bottle, and is currently retailing at all Shu Uemura beauty counters islandwide. If you haven't actually use oil cleansers I definitely recommend this as a starter!
Thank you Clozette and Shu Uemura Singapore for having us!


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