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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Re-awaken your body with The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea range

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I do not believe I have gotten this excited about a new range launch as I did when I heard (well saw) about it on social media. Media friends where sharing the something I've been waiting for a long time: my favourite Green Tea drink in skincare form! More specifically, I am pleased to present you the Body Shop Fuji Green Tea range, which uses only the most premium shoots from the namesake region of Mount Fuji, Japan.

I love me a good scrub on the weekends, but since I suffer from dermatitis and eczema I tend to avoid harsher ingredients such as wheat. Hence, this Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub (250ml, $36.90) which has a jelly-like consistency is not only soft enough on my skin but still giving that thorough scrub against dead skin, thanks to the miniscule scrub beads.

The scrub contains green tea and honey, which is known popular skin humectant in locking in moisture. The scent reminds me so much of the oceanic-kind you'd experience when you go for a seaside vacation. After rinsing, it leaves my skin soft and supple and had become my weekly beauty routine.

One of the signature Bodyshop items I've grown up with is their Body Butters. Like its name, the Fuji Green Tea Body Butter ($32.90) a luscious buttery body cream that carries a refreshing aromatic Green Tea note that fades off into a sweeter light note as I applied it on to skin.

Like most of its other butters, I love how the texture of this pastel green cream is silky without feeling slimey and smears off when over materials, god forbid. Because it being infused with shea butter, it glides onto skin while locking in hydration for 24 hours! It's the perfect thing to replenish body's moisture after exfoliation of dead skin by the above-mentioned body scrub.

One thing that I always appreciated about The Body Shop is its ingenuity in creating some of the most memorable fragrances and building an entire line around it so that you have the luxury of layering the scent for a longer-lasting wear. If you are a fan of fresh scents, I'd definitely recommend the Fuji Green Tea™ Eau de Cologne (100ml, S$28.90) for you. Containing the signature Green tea, it also has a fruity medley of bergamot, lemon and mandarin top notes which transitions to a floral soft bouquet of camellia, jasmine and violet.

Can I just say as well how I love the slender bottle? In terms of lasting power, it fades off after about the average 2 hour so I tend to put a small amount in my portable mini perfume dispenser to carry on the go. It's also a great pick-me-up and a stress reliever so I love also spraying abit onto my bed linen and pillow case for abit of aromatherapy. As this is a Eau de Cologne, its not as strong as a parfum but its apt considering how delicate the green tea remains light and musky.

I've been saving the best for last: the Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea ($39.90) that comes in a metal container that really looks similar to a tea leaves casing I own. It also comes with a palm-sized metal netted Infuser ($12.90) where you are supposed to fill it in and leave it to soak into the tub for a leisurely soak.  

I personally don't have a tub (making a mental note to have one in my future home) but I'm looking forward to using it for my upcoming vacation with the boyfriend! I love how I can spot little wisps of real green tea leaves!

Now I know that most people do not have bathtubs, but there are ways you can incorporate it for daily use!You can also use this a great feet soak but taking about a hand scoop's worth of the bath salt and dissolving it into a small basin of warm water (half-fill) to relax tired feet and soften harden skin around the soles. Use your feet to rub the grains between your feet and toes so that it acts as an exfoliant to slough away dead skin. Not only is it an aromatherauptic treat but you end up with gloriously soft skin!

Are you as excited about the range as I am? Because I certainly am and can't wait to stock up more! And I'm happy to inform that all items reviewed are currently available at all The Body Shop stores islandwide. 

Thank you WOM PR and The Body Shop Singapore for sending these over!

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