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Monday, April 20, 2015

Stubborn pounds? Lose them with Eu Yan Sang TCM Weight Management!

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My impression of TCM is always one for only treating illnesses and chronic disorders like rheumatism. However, after watching this educational video by trusted name Eu Yan Sang, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it can bring about a multitude of health benefits but also promote weight loss! 

4 procedures are used together to create a holistic programe for a long lasting better result, and they are namely: 

medication, which is usually prescribed by a practising physician after a thorough diagnosis to suit your personal physique and body needs. Next, Acupuncture is administered to reduce general weigh and target localised obese parts that need more attention such as love handles. Furthermore, it can also help to regulate bowel movement and stomach/ intestine functioning rates to I used to have this unfounded phobia that the same needles were used for everyone, but fret not: the needles are actually sterilized and a new pack is opened each time for a person’s treatment. And most people tend to think that acupuncture can be painful but what you actually experience is a transient achy or numb sensation. 
After that Ba Guan or Cupping as it is usually called, involves using heated round glass cups stimulate sweat glands to help detoxify body. It is then finished with Ear Acupressure, which helps to boost metabolic rate, slow down digestion and also suppress the appetite.

Did you know that apart from the weight loss, acupuncture can also treat obese –related symptoms like fatigue, constipation, stomach bloating and shortness of breath? It also helps with alleviating headache and backpains, 2 things which I tend to suffer from very often due to my hectic lifestyle… so I’m personally psyched to try this myself!

So did this pique your interest like how it did for me? 

Well you’re in luck because Eu Yan Sang is actually holding a free workshop where you can learn more about the TCM Weight Management Program. Not only will there be dinner and refreshment served, but you will also receive a token of appreciation after the workshop! :)


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  1. Thanks a ton for sharing these details my friend! I have also heard a lot about TCM techniques for treating various health issues. I am interested to know about acupuncture. Actually I have severe leg pain and want to get this treatment at an acupuncture port credit clinic. Please provide some details dear!


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