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Friday, June 19, 2015

A Chocolatey Affair with Gavottes Chocolate Crepe Dentelles!

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Ask anyone and they’ll tell you I’m probably the biggest chocolate addict around; Chocolate to me, is like edible happiness on the go, and a bar of that brown goodness never failed to bring warm fuzzy feelings even on my worst day. The Cocoa Trees and Sample Store had kindly sent these lip-smacking Gavottes chocolate crepe dentelles in different flavours and I wasted no time getting down to mouth-chomping action.

Gavottes is a premium range of superior French biscuits and cookies. Delicate wafer (crêpe dentelle) clusters are impeccably coated with milk or dark chocolate and delicately wrapped in golden paper. Each piece of crepe dentelle is created using traditional techniques and their unique rolling techniques since 1920s, to produce the finest layer of biscuit. 

Dark Chocolate; Without any doubt, Gavottes perfects it. The dark chocolate is a smoky, well-balanced medium of sweetness and delicious faint bitterness. It’s a classic that goes with anything; dipping it in a spot of vanilla ice-cream or having it with a nice warm cup of tea. 

Dark Chocolate & Strawberry surprised me; I’m not a fan of the berry because in other snacks it tends to be overly saccharine that it comes off artificial. However the strawberry flavours was rounded and was lightly sweet. It tastes more natural, very much like a strawberry yogurt.

Orange Dark Chocolate has a very slight fruity sweet aftertaste thanks to the orange ingredient. A refreshing change to the plain ones. Plus I just happened to get some hot chocolate-orange powder from Providore, so I absolutely loved having this together to prolong the bliss.

Milk Chocolate was just a tad too milky for my preference, as I’m more of a dark chocolate kind of girl. It was abit more ordinary for me but a hit for my family who drinks coffee, as they like dipping this in their drinks.

I would definitely recommend Gavottes to anyone who loves their light spot of chocolate after a meal or for some not-too-sinful sweet treats…. My Recommend Rating: 4/5 stars! 

Can’t wait to replenish my stock of these (because the above featured chocolates disappeared shortly after shooting hehe) Gavottes is retailing at an affordable $5.80 per box (30 pieces). But don’t just salivate over mine, get your Gavottes fix at the following branches listed here:

Psst, there’s a Buy 3 Get 1 free promotion from now till 26th July 2015!

Thank you The Cocoa Trees and Sample Store for the sweet treats!
Do follow them on their Facebook page for the first-hand updates of new treats and promotions. Happy eating everyone! !

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