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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Customisable beauty? Yes, glam it up with Glampact!

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What if I told you that you can customise your favourite beauty essential picks like as easily as stacking legos? Now you can, thanks to the Glam Pact's newly revamped all-in-one makeup compact! I came across Glam Pact about a year, when held a lucky draw contest for it. Immediately drawn to the sleek black design and the idea of having an entire beauty palette for eyes, face and lips on the go (and did I mention its mini vanity lamp?!) on the go got me excited. But I didn't win...

But as luck would have it, I had the pleasure and the luck of serendipity to be invited by the brand to meet with its founder Jennifer Cheng and the opportunity to create my very own unique palette. Hello, it definitely doesn't get any better than this! 

Jennifer was as effervescent as the Glam Pact she created: she's not just an accomplished piano prodigy (she picked the instrument at 2!!), and being a straight A student in Brown University, a model and actress (gosh, can you say talented?!), Glam Pact was borne out of her love for beauty and a way for women to reclaim their lives by looking great while saving time and energy to focus on things that really matter.

Without further ado, let's take a closer look at the GlamPact. My first impression of it is one that's sweet and nostalgic; it reminds me of the Polly Pocket toy I used to play with. And I can't stop gushing about the little row of LED lights that light up like a mini vanity table! It also lights up the logo on top of the GlamPact cover as well, which is in a shape of a heart.There's a USB port on the side so if it goes flat, simply pop a mini -usb cable and plug it to charge.

The GlamPact opens up easily into three compartments: the top layer holds 2 big and 3 small modules with plastic covers so I'd recommend items with a more sticky consistency like the concealer and lip colors here for hygeine purposes. The middle layer holds 1 big module and a 5 smaller ones, while the last drawer holds mini brushes brushes and applicators. The luxe factor extends even to the beauty tools, with brushes using soft quality bristles.

Since I'm determined to use it as a everyday set, I've chosen understated but classic shades perfect for work and play. With some really witty names, they are:

  • Foundation  02-Sand 
  • Concealer 01: Disappearing act
  • Blush 01 in Cosmo Glow
  • Shading 01 in Don't Diet
  • Eye Shadow in Shadow O2 Rich Girl, Shadow 03 Bambi Big Eyes, Shadow 04 Naked
  • Eye Shimmer in Shimmer 02 Gold Rush
  • Lip Color in Lips 03 Bubble Gum and Lips 05 Peachy Perfect

I do love how finely milled the powder shades are; which is not surprising as its has been crushed and re-compressed about 4 times, about twice of what is usually done for other beauty brands in the market. The pigmentation is slightly on the light side, which allows you to build up color, blend fot gradient nicely without looking overdone. Here is how it looks when swatched:

And the complete look using the palette:

At $110, you might feel its quite a pinch. But when you do the maths: 11 modules means each module is just $10 each. And instead of buying a new palette each season which can be expensive, and taking up more space on your vanity: simply replace the shade! Plus, lesser resources used also means you are going green. Each shade lasts 2 years, so I'm talking about a pretty good investment!

Get your very own Glampact here exclusively at  and give them a follow for more exciting updates:

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