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Friday, June 26, 2015

Earle Swensen's New Menu Offerings: Bigger, Better Bombastic tastes!

Sponsored Food-Tasting 

Earle Swensen’s, the top of the line eatery by Swensen’s recently revamped their menu with a whopping 13 new dishes and 2 new sundaes to create a whole new gustatory experience for its diners. With this new menu, Earle Swensen’s not only offers new flavours, but also a healthier experience which started earlier this year when they replaced their ice cream range with health friendly gelato.

We began the tasting with the new Oven Roasted Drumlets ($10.90). They come with a choice of two seasonings: teriyaki or sriracha glaze. I opted for the latter, spicy option. Hot food lovers will delight themselves with the drumlets’ exciting tangy and zingy glaze. The soft and juicy chicken is perfectly accompanied by the hot seasoning, and is a perfect choice top open your appetite.

Next up was the Chili Kicap Manis Chicken ($25.90). The uniquely presented dish is not only a feast for the eyes, but for the taste buds too. I usually avoid having roasted chicken as it tends to be dry, but this one defied convention by being tender and moist, even for the breast part. The slightly sweet skin is a nice addition to the juicy flesh, and the chicken tastes best when dipped with the sweet, tongue tickling sauce the roasted chicken is served with.

Like every other tasting, I always find a one dish that surprises me and that would be the Barramundi in Lemongrass Cream Sauce ($24.50). Keeping the freshness of taste in mind, the Barramundi flesh is lightly seasoned and grilled, coupled with blue mussels to make it a dish not to be missed for seafood lovers. Its firm snowy flesh goes beautifully with the homely pairing of spinach and homemade lemongrass cream sauce. 

Talk about a way to redefine an otherwise common dish! I highly recommend giving it a try, you will get addicted!

The new menu comes with two additional beef dishes, namely the Charbroiled Hanger Steak ($25.90) and the Charbroiled Wagyu Minute Steak ($34.90). I opted for the Wagyu and was not disappointed! While minute steaks are hard to cook to the right doneness due to their thinness, I was lucky to get mine perfectly medium-rare, leaving the meat tasty and juicy. The herbs and spices seasoning of the meat is just right, adding to its flavour without being to overbearing, and I did not even need to touch the sauce served with the dish as I did not want to cover the taste of the Wagyu beef.

Saving the best dish for the last, I ordered the only lamb dish in the new menu: the Lamb Shank ($33.90). Do note that this dish will require you to wait about 20 minutes for it to be served, but you'll see that it is worth the wait! The lamb shank is served standing on an island of mashed potatoes, surrounded by a sea of gravy. Slow-cooked to perfection, the meat yields easily from the bone, yet firm and tasty in the mouth. For those who don’t like the strong gamey flavour of lamb, you need not worry as this Australian lamb isn't overbearing on the taste buds, and is best enjoyed with its sweet homemade gravy. The soft mashed potatoes are sprinkled with lemon shavings, which adds an exciting dimension to the dish. 

Sweet tooth diners will enjoy finishing their meal with either the new Pistachio Daze Nutty Sundae ($12.90) or the Local Infusion Stylo Milo ($12.90).As a chocolate addict, the Stylo Milo was a natural choice. While I enjoyed the chocolate-rich experience, I especially liked the chocolate balls mixed in the dessert, which added an exciting crunchy bite to the Stylo Milo!

There are many more new tempting dishes on the menu, but my stomach could only stretch so much, and I had to call it a meal. Based on this tasting, however, I am sure the other dishes will not disappoint, and I am already looking forward to my next visit there! 

Earle Swensens is located at 1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-117
Opening hours: 10:30am-10.30pm

Website | Facebook | Tel: 6272 3306

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