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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Singapore Blog Awards 2015 Beauty Workshop with Panasonic & Bryan Gan

It's a trip down memory lane... I'm back in the Singapore Blog Awards again, under the Best Beauty Blog category! It was a quiet Saturday afternoon at the Panasonic office where we met some old and new faces back in the arena, we gather The face of beauty science is ever-changing, and so its little wonder that the trend now leans towards the use of TCM, which stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

We had the pleasure of meeting up with Bryan Gan who's a celebrity health and beauty expert, as well as a natural therapist for the hit Taiwan talkshow Ladies First, and shared some simple tips in upping our skincare game.

Beauty as they say, is more than skin deep, and the workshop proved it so. Bryan reiterated a point that resonated with me: you can pile on alot of products on the surface,but if you do not care for what's happening inside, results can be limited and even backfire. He's quite the authority to speak on this, considering how young he looks when he's actually in his 40s!

Facial Care

I think a facial steamer should become a permanent fixture in a woman's beauty arsenal. With the growing amount of free radicals in our environment caused by pollution, there is no better way to really have a ultra cleansing by opening our pores for deep tissue cleansing and better penetration of products.

And ever the wellness ingenue, he shared with us a simple tip to maximise the use of the steamer: by simply dripping some essential oil into a cotton wool pad and taping it at the opening. This allows the steam to dissipate the goodness and benefits onto skin and also gives some form of aromatherapy as well. Try rose for whitening or lavender for relaxation/ calming skin.

Oh, and it makes for a great communal warming tool when workshop venues are a tad too cold and us beauty bloggers need some warming <3

Eye Pampering

Your undereye areas are the most delicate part of your face and so you should spare no expense in caring for it. Another interesting beauty tool that caught my eyes was the Eye Massager EH-SW50, which being the Marvel Comic fanatic that I am, totally reminded me of Cyclop's Laser Eye Guard. Compare it for yourself!

Apart from slathering the usual eye creams, take a step further by using this portable Panasonic EH SW50 to rejuvenate sagging, tired eyes. Because of its ergonomic shape, it sits comfortably on the nose bridge so you can either sit or lie down to use. 

After tapping in your usual eye-cream, switch it on and a soft steam mist bubbles comfortably on skin whilst a gentle vibration massages in the product. Sounds like the ULTIMATE pampering for peepers that have been staring relentless computer screens. On your left half of your left wrist is actually an acupressure point that helps to alleviate stress and relax you

Wellness & Stress Release

Bryan recommends drinking Chrysanthemum tea to booster health effects like reducing water retention. Not really known to most people, different Chrysanthemums have different effects: like reducing water retention and cooling the body down. White Chrysanthemum is good for travel, whereas yellow Chrysanthemum is great for alleviating headaches, while baby buds can be drank more often to keep the body from heating out. But don't go any further than 6 flowers per cup, and more would be adverse for the body!

The Warming Facial & Body Roller EH-SP32 looks very similar to the REFA Carat roller that I had reviewed earlier, but has some nifty extras that make it more comfortable to use which I will be reviewing more in-depth in my 2nd post. Bryan here is using the small flatter head, and going in an upwards + outwards direction, advises that this helps to firm up skin by stimulating skin's collagen, and helps to discourage appearance of wrinkles. 

Run it down the length of your arms and legs for some massage relief; the faceted oval heads basically emulate the kneading sensation of masseurs and coupled with the heat, its kind of like therapy on the go! You can also run this on problem areas like love handles and flabby under arms: the pinching motion creates a slimming effect if used regularly. 

I hope this post was as informative for you as it was for me! Not just a novel idea but a really practical ideas to incorporate with modern beauty technology with the efficacy of traditional skincare!Stay tuned for my next post as I gleamed my learning from this workshop to come up with my very own specialized beauty regime using the Panasonic tools! 

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