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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Givenchy Celebrates 10th Anniversary: Launch of the Teint Couture Cushion & Live Irresistible fragrance!

Media Invite & Review

Nothing could have titillated me more than when I heard about my most beloved brand Givenchy set to celebrate its 10th Anniversary! What adds the cherry ontop of this metaphorical makeup cake...was that we were privy as the first few in asia to preview the launch of its first ever Teint Couture Cushion and exciting new fragrance, Live Irresistible! 

Hosted by the ever lovely Yasmin; it was a infectious mix of laughter and excitement as 4 drop-dead gorgeous guys stepped out with each holding the 4 different shades of cushion. Ladies had a chance to win an exclusive mini-set if they could correctly identify the shades closes to their complexion. I think this is the first time that the ladies were more fixated on the presenters than the actual product hehe...

OK ladies, hormones down and back to makeup business! I gingerly got around unboxing my cushion in all its black, sleek glory. Now I have to be honest that I had my skepticism about Givenchy jumping on the cushion bandwagon; since I found such happy success with their earlier Teint Couture Blurring Foundation Balm.

Of course this being Givenchy we are talking about, it's certainly no run-of-mill skincare technoloy. The Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion boasts an 'Intelligent Formula', thanks to its high concentration of water such that its fluid consistency helps to supple and correct skin's blemishes in a natural and lightweight result. 

Digressing just abit: how GORGEOUS is the pinhole embossing of the insignia?!

When you first use it, you may have to press down gently about 2-4 times for the foundation to dispense. About 2 taps are usually sufficient for my entire face; upon application I love the refreshingly cool watery-gelish sensation that allows it to easily glide onto skin, concealing even the crevices along the nasio-labial area. It is available in 4 primary shades:  #1 Fresh Porcelain, #2 Fresh Shell, #3 Fresh Sand and #4 Fresh Beige; in answer to fair, pinkish, neutral and tan skin types. 

My shade is in 03 Fresh Sand, which is a very close match to my medium-fair, olive skin. 

The Givenchy Teint Couti its multi-benefit formula combines long-wearing pigments, active skincare ingredients and a perfecting “blur” effect:
  • Plumping and densifying Commiphora oil helps to keep the skin plump
  • Glycol, a humectant that keeps water on the surface for visible and optimal epidermal hydration
  • Polymer beads, which smooth the skin texture and optically erase creases and blemishes
  • “Blur & Glow” complex, a light reflector that leaves the skin with a radiant glow.

I personally loved the cool sensation of its gel-liquid texture, but I realize it tends to oxidize and darken slightly in a relatively shot amount of time. However, unlike most cushions' finishes which often balls and melts, Teint Couture Cushion fades into a dewier look from its original semi-matte satin finish.The staying power isn't too bad given our terribly humid weather, I do tend to gently touch up especially on my T-zone after a couple of hours and am appreciative of its buildable consistency (which is great for covering my enlarged pores), so you need not worry about looking cakey/patchy.

The new addition to its beguiling Very Irresistible fragrance line is Live Irresistible, a limited edition that's endorsed by the beautiful A-lister actress. Amanda Siegfried. I would classify this as more to a fresh spicy scent given its playful composition that opens with juicy pineapple accords, before sparkling into. The heart captures a bouquet of roses, laid on the  full lush base of amber, musk and patchouli. 

Unlike the smooth simple design of its predecessors, Live Irresistible bottle design is a glamourous update with it squarish-diamond textured textured glass that encases the peach-hued fragrance. . I did a bit of research to discover that the nose behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion, the genius behind classic much loved scents like Calvin Klein's Euphoria and Burberry's LONDON. 

Here's Amanda's TV spot which I feel captures the essence of this scent:

While I fancy a fruity pick-me-up, I found this abit over-powering for my liking at first. Only when it fades into the heart notes does the whole fragrance balance itself out to a understated sweet musk. I think lovers of Tresor by Lancome may appreciate this! 

As always, thank you Givenchy Singapore & 37 Comms for having me!

The Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion retails at $83 and is exclusively available at Sephora, ION Orchard.

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