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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lightweight Moisturising Powerhouse: Labo Labo Supermoist 5H x 5C range

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Dr Ci Labo's sister brand Labo Labo is back with another nourishing range, and I do believe this is one that's about to become your new skincare staple! What if I told you you could have the rich power hydration power but sans the heaviness feeling? With Labo Labo Supermoist 5H x 5C range, now you can! '

Each product in this range carries the '5H x 5C', which actually refers to the special blend of 5 Hyluronic Acids and 5 collagen types to give you the ultimate moisturization boost your skin deserves! Especially in the sweltering weather we've been having the last few days (omg 34C?!), our skin's moisture gets sapped out much faster than usual. 

First up we have the Labo Labo Super Moist W Washing ($24.90). It uses plant-based soap as the main ingredient, and supplemented with amino acid cleaning ingredients to create a rich foam. It uses a proprietary Lipidure® ingredient; which actually has a far more superior water-retaining capacity than hyaluronic acid. In fact, it creates a membrane over the surface of the skin, acting as a humectant to trapping moisture onto the skin even after rinsing off. 

This generous tube of facial wash dispenses cleanser in a rich white creamy texture, so just a small dollop the size of a 20c coin is good enough for my entire face. It lathers pretty easily into a rich fluffy foam as I massage it into the skin before rinsing off.  Based on Labo Labo's unique formula. it claims to be able to remove oil-soluble residue such as makeup and sebum.While my face did not have that overly-taut feeling, it did have that squeaky clean feeling.

The Labo Labo Super Moist 5H x 5C Lotion ($29.90) is essentially a toner, and perhaps one of the most gentle that I’ve used. But beneath this gentle giant is a medley of power-packed ingredients. It is able to thoroughly permeates the corneal layer; and also features EGF and domestic plant ingredients:

  •  Licorice leaf extract: Fortifies skin from the inside by promoting collagen production and promoting fibroblast proliferation (the process of healing tissue repair) , lightening lines and encourages ceramide production
  • Sesaflash: forms a ceramide network on the surface of the skin, giving the skin elasticity while tightening it.   

As always, gel moisturizers have always got the upperhand in my heart and Labo Labo Super Moist 5H x 5C Moist Gel ($34.90) was no exception. I thought that this one felt much more hydrating as compared to their Keana range, but had the same fast absorbing prowess to leave skin just the right amount of dewy. I transferred a small amount of it in my travel container for my France trip and found that it could also hold its own against the frigid cold! Especially for the crevices of the face, it fills in the hydration well.

Plus it's also good to know that it contains EGF (which stands for Epidermal Growth Factor) to booster skin rejuvenation at cellular level), as well as 3 domestic plant ingredients:

- Hydrolyzed eggshell membrane :promoting type III collagen to plump and strenghten skin
- Ceracute®: helps lifts up the skin to leave it soft and supple
- CyPA®: boost the moisturizing power of the skin while firming and tightening

Lastly, the suncream was a surprising favourite of mine; its milky consistency was lightweight yet also went a long way with just 5 drops all over my face. With global warming on the rise and the UV
level getting harsher, the Super-Moist UV-Cream ($29.90) comes armed  to answer that call with SPF 30 PA ++  and with its microcapsule ultraviolet absorber. Because it isn't in direct contact with the skin, it does not stress the skin so rest assured if you are the sensitive skin type.

I usually layer the gel moisturizer first but on days when I am rushed for time, I use this as a standalone and it acts as a pretty good hydrating base before my makeup! Plus, no white cast was observed as the sun cream almost disappears completely into skin upon application. It's definitely one of the lightest I've used, perfect for layering under makeup!

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