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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Mildest of Them All : Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

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In the skincare markets out there, it can be quite daunting in finding a range that suits you and your lifestyle. Especially since the terrible skin rash breakout I had a few years back, I’ve been wary about what cleansers and moisturisers that I use. When your skin feels like its irritated as though it’s on fire, you want to go back to the most simple and basic skincare routine…and I found just that in the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

What really makes this such a keeper is that due to its formulation, the wash is extremely mild and gentle on skin. Taking a look at the ingredients list, you’ll see it’s a no-frills list that only keeps the best of moisturizing goodness, comprising of emollients like Cetyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol, as well as Propylene Glycol, a humectant which helps to lock in hydration , thus keeping skin nourished throughout the day.

The Gentle Skin Cleanser comes in a fairly large pump bottle, which gives great value given the affordable price tag. Perhaps another reason why it’s in a larger quantity is since it’s so mild on skin, you can actually use it for both face AND body! A single pump actually dispenses a sufficient amount of the translucent whitish cleanser, which has a nice lotion consistency. 

And I discovered something interesting! On a particular day, I had accidentally applied the cleanser onto my still made-up face. When I tried using a tissue to wipe, I found that the makeup came off easily! Henceforth, I‘ve since used this as a daily remover-cum-cleanser for my daily light makeup. I would however recommend using a separate makeup remover first to remove heavier makeup (especially those with water or smudge-proof formulations). 

One thing I noticed is that it does not lather much, perhaps due to the relatively low levels of SLS, or Sodium Laureth Sulphate- which helps to deeply clean and remove the impurities in skin. Formulations that create foam lather can sometimes be the cause for skin irritation. Thankfully, I did not experience any tightness after rinsing; instead my skin felt soft and supple even for areas with my eczema rash!

How’s this faring for my skin thus far?
To find out, you’ll have to stay tuned for my Cetaphil #SkinCommitment testimonial in my next post!

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