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Sunday, June 26, 2016

4 ways to save on your wedding costs with GroupOn!

So if you have been following me on social media lately you will realise that…I just got engaged! But after saying YES, what’s next? With the rising cost of weddings these days, I’m determined not to start my new married life in debt. Thankfully, I have Groupon to thank for making preps for my special big day a whole lot easier and affordable.

Here are some of the ways I’m getting more bang for my buck as we count down to my big day!

1) Customizable Wedding Invites
Although some may opt for the, I guess I’m abit on the traditional side so I prefer sending personalized wedding invites to my friends and family. And I’ve discovered the awesomeness that is Shutterfly; where they have almost 400 designs and customizations to reflect your unique touch and saving you the trouble of hiring a graphic designer. Sweet!

2) Accessories: The finishing touch
While we’ve mostly settled what to wear for the wedding, most bridal boutiques do not include jewellery and accessories into the mix. Since I decided to reserve most of my finances for other aspects of the wedding, costume jewellery is my economical alternative. Not compromising on style, I found some stunning picks from Swaroski.

Get further savings on this gorgeous baubles when you use the Groupon codes, my fellow magpies:

3) Wedding Favors & Thank You Gifts 

Another important part of the wedding I’m loving and taking pride in is getting the perfect gift for our beloved friends and families. I don’t believe in giving tacky ones like toothpick holders or mugs that would be awkward to use: instead I am opting for elegant yet useful ones from 

Save more with Groupon codes, especially if you’re expecting a sizeable guestlist:

4) Post wedding: Honey Moon!

With all the costs incurred into creating a memorable wedding, looking for affordable air fares can be a bit daunting. I’ve been looking at several flight ticket sites but either the sites are too much information overload, or that they offer very much the same prices as its competitors. But with GroupOn, I can enjoy further savings on 2 of the flight ticket sites which offers some of the best rates I’ve found so far.

I found that Travelocity has very attractive flash sales, especially on hotels and car rentals…which is very handy if you are heading to places like Australia where distances are far and walking is not an option!
Do check their Groupon promos here:

But I personally prefer Greatvaluevacations of the two; because they categorize their packages by interests like historical or culinary rather than the usual destination-based, which is particularly helpful if its your first time visiting a country. Plus they also have packages with all-in amenities so you don’t have to stress on booking the smaller things separately!

Do check them here:

So there you have, my mini-guide to help making your wedding more affordable; because a great one does not mean it has to come with a big price tag! What other ways can you suggest for cost cut for your big day? 

Do share with me in the comment section below!

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