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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Palladio Beauty Now in Singapore: A Drugstore Makeup Gem at Pocket-friendly Prices!

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Sometimes, the best things may not have to come with exorbitant pricetags; in fact, sometimes you find the best unsuspecting makeup and beauty gems in our local drugstores. That was exactly what happened when I was first introduced to Palladio beauty while chatting with my dear friend and walking beauty encyclopedia Jerlene, who waxed lyricals about the range.

What makes Palladio different is that each product is infused with a nourishing blend of ingredients to care for your skin without compromising on the high-performance. Some noteworthy ones include botanical oils like camellia, safflower, jojoba to calm and deeply moisturize the epidermis; as well as aloe vera and green tea extract which has calming and anti-bacterial properties.

Be forewarned, makeup lust ahead!
Instead of starting off with faves, I am gonna kick it off with the most interesting product of the lot; the Palladio Wet & Dry Foundation in Laurel Nude ($15.90). It comes in a very sleek black casing that's similar to NARS, and opens to reveal the pressed foundation and the puff applicator at below. 

I personally found this ingenious: because this offers you the choice of using it dry or wet, depending on the finish or level of coverage you need. But if you need additional coverage, using it wet is the way to go! I personally like to use it with my moistened angled face brush to pick up the powder straight and buff it gently to blend. Do ensure that it's just damp and not soaking wet: this makes the foundation very streaky and hard to control.

This part puzzles me abit, because there is some colour disparity because it looks about 2 tones darker than the dry-applied shade. Also. the wet application is not the most forgiving. While it helped to proficiently cover up my blemish scars and even out actually pronounces the crevices on my face (nasio-labial area), and but I note that it covers open pore (on my nose) pretty well. Do go lighthanded when applying to slowly build up coverage though.

Need a touchup? Here's something abit different: Palladio Rice Paper ($6.90) is an oil-absorbing blotting tissue that is coated with face powder to not just soak up excess shine caused by sebum, but to also mattify the face with the powder. 

The blotting paper is as retro as they come, on a rustic thin rice paper material. The lighter side is where the powder is; to apply simple use the powdered side and gently tap onto areas with shine/ needing touchup. Then use your fingers to gently smooth it out for a natural finish. 

3 shades of light, medium and tan skin types. Unfortunately, it was abit hard for me to swatch, but I assure you that it does pat on great when my complexion is in a greasy state, giving immediate matte relief.

Translucent: Suitable for light fair skin, although I like using this to mildly brighten my undereye and above cheekbones.
Natural: This is my shade, I use it for general touch ups.
Warm Beige: This is just a tad warmer and pinkier than my shade, but also suitable for me.

I have officially died and gone to Blusher Heaven; how pretty are this palm-sized Palladio Baked Blushers ($9.90)? Encased in petite clear-cover pot, don't be deceived about its small size: this baby gives amazing payoff in one brush, albeit its just a tad too glittery on my hand swatch. On the face though, it looks beautiful and natural. The powder is finely milled so I'm glad this has minimal to no kick up residue.

Swear I got the prettiest picks, making a mental note to collect all the shades: 

Blushin: Warm, shimmery medium rose pink shade, Very flattering and a classic choice for everyday wear.
Wish: A cool shimmery plum-mauve shade. It's my first purplish blusher but I was quite happy to see how flattering on my warm skin. I think it pops on my skin and gives a very natural wine-induced flush.

And here's how it looks when applied; the shimmer in the blush actually gives a finish that looks like a highlighter was subtly layer upon!
(Also wearing Velvet Matte Cream Lip in Raw Silk)

I personally am not a fan of lipglosses because I'm constantly fighting my long hair from sticking to my lips...but the Palladio Lip Gloss has one of the prettiest color varieties I've seen aside from Colorpop. Super love for it's butterscotch-scent, and its actually not as sticky and more hydrating than most of the glosses I've tried in my lifetime.

Pink Pearl: Light coppery-tangerine shade that swatches to be very translucent. If you use it alone, it may not be obvious but I found it pretty as a top coat to give matte shades additional dimension.
French Kiss: Nude pink shade. Nice as a standalone shade!
Pure Natural: A muted cherry-pinkish shade; it accentuates my naturally dark red lips to make it more pop-pish!
Macaroon: A light pink-lilac shade. Since it has blue undertones, it makes me look abit washed out but I still loooove this.
Watermelon: Shimmery watermelon red (as per the name duh!)

I'd best describe it as a thicker caramel-esque texture, spreading smoothly on lips like a humectant (similar to the Laneige lip peeling mask). At this time of writing, I have Pink Pearl at home just to hydrate my peeling lips and it feels unbelievably hydrating, with no clumping or balling whatsoever. Double action makeup? Yes please!

I love the crayon style packaging for the convenient and fun-looking use. It glides on smoothly but I did find that it very slightly tacky when puckering my lips. I must say for a tinted lip balm, I was pleasantly surprised about the luscious color payoff in one layer! If you have drier lips, then the Palladio Pop Shine Brilliance Lip Balm ($9.90) is the way to go!

Socialite: Such a dainty ballet-pink shade that I think works for both cool and warm skin tones. 
Psyched: Classic brick red shade
Scandalous: Cranberry reddish shade that I was immediately head over heels in love. I've been searching for the perfect deep berry lippie all my life...only to find it in a lipbalm?! My life now has meaning <3

The finish is a light semi-glossy sheen, and although it does start to transfer when eating on drinking, it lasts for 2-3 hours for normal wear. Major love!!!!

Ever since I started on my first liquid lipstick this year, I CANNOT get enough of them. I mean what's not to love? You get the rich pigmentation of a lipstick and the hydrating and plumping effect of the liquid formulation. Palladio's Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color ($8.90) does not disappoint with its lightweight silky texture that even fills up the lip crevices for a more supple appearance! However, the mystery of the velvet matte lippies is that shades you see in the bottle actually look deeper and darker when swatched!

Boucle: A dark brownish rose mauve. Looks like a possible dupe for KatvonD's Mother shade!
Cashmere: Peachy-Coral shade that's great for warm skin tones, an everyday shade. I found that it's a very punchy happy shade!
Jacquard: I'd best describe it as a watermelon pink shade with orange undertones. It was abit daunting when I first slathered on, but it grows on me. Very sweet shade that's work appropriate!
Brocade: Burgundy wine shade, the loveliest ever. I think it brings ou
Plush: Hands down, my most daring shade ever. Its almost a cool magenta-purple shade that;s not for the faint-hearted. Perfect hue to wear with a smokey eye, or the one to sport for a party night out!

 I die. How gorgeous are these? I dare say it even has a comparable consistency with big names like KatVonD's or Revlon's liquid lipsticks. It's buttery smooth texture does transfer abit, so when applying I'd recommend you to apply slightly smaller than your actual lip size as the liquid spreads out abit. Do put a layer of lip balm prior because it does dry the lips abit too.

Don't mean to hyperbole but SERIOUSLY my makeup world has been rocked. Palladio has got me converted through and through with its amazing formulation, sleek packaging and great color choices. And I have some very happy news for you ladies, because Palladio Singapore is running a free lipstick exchange at Guardian @ ION Orchard: simply bring your empty/used lipstick from any drugstore brands to Guardian ION, you will get a brand NEW Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color for FREE! 

Event hosted EVERY Friday and Saturday from 6pm - 8pm in August 

*Limited to 100pcs per day. (total 12 colors )

*Grab it while stock last.


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