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Monday, August 29, 2016

I Finally Acheived Purple Hair Ambition with Salon B!

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Been lusting over some violet hair since forever, but no one has truly managed to really achieve the kind of purple hair ambition I had in mind. Thankfully, I am glad to introduce and have the pleasure to work with my new sponsor, Salon B, to achieve my #UnicornHair ambition!

Step into incredible luxury at Salon B; where the salon oozes opulent appeal with beautiful flowers and satin drapery in a open concept area. It prides itself on having a lifestyle concept to provide a welcoming ambiance to customers; these include a beverage bar serving up fresh coffee and drinks, a stylish galleria to relax and enjoy free wifi; and did I mention that parking is complimentary?

You know you're in good hands...when you see like a table overfilled with trophies and awards!

So after some discussion, creative Director Sunny picked out the perfect color combo for me despite all she had from me was: I would to have purple hair. Unlike the usual dip-dye effect that you see often, my hair would be sectioned with a vivid bottom and a more subtle complementary shade on the top. 

A little 411 about her, Sunny's fame precedes her; this multi-accolade stylist has actually worked with some high profile names and korean celebrities like singer BoA! But for today, I'm glad to have stylist Min and in-house colorist expert Elvis; whom I'm told has a great eye for recommending suitable shades that suit asian skintones, 

The duo starts off by sectioning out my hair in top and bottom layers before beginning to apply the bleach in with a dual brush/comb head.

The bleached area is then wrapped in cellophane wrap and put under a heating ring that rotates around my head to help the chemical permeate through it strand and speed up the process. Because I've never actually bleached before, the process is repeated twice to achieve the almost 'blondish' state before the violet dye can be introduced. 

Really enjoyed Elvis's deep scalp tissue massage while washing out the bleach chemicals. A nourishing conditioner also helps to calm the hair that underwent the harsh bleach process. 

And voila, this is the result of 2 rounds of bleach...look how yellow my hair is! But despite my initial shock, I'm told that this is normal because the core of Asian hair pigmentation is yellow.

The dynamic duo moved on to add in the glorious violet purple shade. They started from the bottom, and the shade is generously slathered and massaged into the strands, layer by layer to ensure that the dye is evenly applied. 

I actually made a request that the bleach not to touch the my scalp as I am prone to flaking if harsh products are used; and I must commend these two for taking meticulous care to make sure the bleach and dye did not do so, yet while keeping the color gap as minimal and discreet as possible. 

Now that the purple is done, we moved on to a sexy burgundy shade for the top part of my hair. I initially wanted an all over shade but Min explained to me that for usually one tends have this 'bald' when new roots grow out. Also, I'm very glad that the team had considered my need to meet clients, so too loud a look wouldn't have been suitable.

Argh, at this point, I've been sitting in this chair for about 5 hours and could barely feel my rear. But I found the motivation when Elvis whispered "final wash", because this is the final step before I see my new hair! A rigorous rinsing and blow dry (even big boss Greg joined in to help, pictured left) after...I was ready to reveal my new violet strands!

Min also gave me a nice trim before curling my hair, and applied this amazing LuxeOil treatment which helps to replenish moisture and add shine to my strands. I believe you can also purchase this from Salon B directly if you are interested :)

Lo and Behold, it's as perfect as I dreamed it would be: 

I cannot thank the team enough for making me feel right at home, and truly finally giving me the dreamy violet hair I've always dreamed of. Even after 2-3 weeks and numerous washes, my hair color still remains dynamic as ever (although I need to warn you that bleach hair tends to bleed abit during bathtime, but its normal. I've since received countless compliments and inquiries about my #UnicornHair, so if you are looking to change up your now know where to do so!

PS: Remember to quote JUNEDUJOUR for 40% off all coloring services or $65 for a stylist cut!

Salon B is located at 1 Nassim Road, #02-03, Singapore 258458 
Tel: +65 6836 5855 | +65 9819 0183 Email: 
10.30am – 8.00pm (Mon – Sat) 


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