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Friday, August 5, 2016

ORBIS Skincare is now in Ngee Ann City: Review of Aquaforce series & store haul

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The new Orbis store has just landed in the heart of Ngee Ann City and we were lucky to have first peeks! It's sparkling new storefront is gorgeous and welcoming, and open concept that clearly segregates its diverse offerings of skincare, body care, health supplements and makeup selections. Read on for my highlights of the opening launch and my thoughts on the haul I scored that day!

Also popular were these chewy vitamins that reminded me so much of the multi-vitamins that I had when I was young. Available in 3 flavors, each just mildly sweet flavored with the texture similar to chewing gum.

Yellow (Vitamin C & Lime):Good for skin fairness and firmness
Pink (FE & Folic Acid): Recommended for expecting and lactating mothers in milk production, anaemic users.

Green (Calcium & White Grapes): For healthy teeth and bones

On one side, the shelves are segregated for various skin types: CLEAR for acne-prone skin, AQUAFORCE  for hydrating dry to normal skin, Orbis =U for mature, aging skin , and Orbis =U White for brighteng dull skin. I was also mesmerised by the surprising variety of cosmetics options they provided; swatched a few and found the shades to be very natural looking and wearable. 

Being a newly convert to cleansing oil, the Orbis The Cleansing One Makeup Remover is a must have. It has a slightly thicker consistency than my Shu Uemura one, so again less is more. About a 10c amount is enough to massage deep into skin.

What makes this special is its Sensor Care technology, which is a selective cleansing technology that traps only the impurities and makeup grime without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Furthermore, it features Amino Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate to replenish and keep skin's hydration. I found that this effectively cleansed off even the toughest of my Dolly Wink eyeliner and Maybelline mascara easily, but rinses off without any trace of greasiness.

Given my normal to combination skin, I was recommended the Aquaforce series (suitable for 20-30s). I started off with the Aqua Wash Mild facial wash to be a mild yet powerful one, containing mineral compounds and seaweed extracts to slough off the build up of dirt and dead cells; yet instensively restoring hydration into skin's natural reservoir.


With just a bit of water, a 10c dollop of the facial wash lathers into a pretty rich foam easily. However, I did find that the wash did leave a tad of that waxy, 'squeaky clean' feeling on the face. I have to say though that the brightening effects of the wash is immediate: I could see my skin looks clarified and fairer than before, much less dull. (do try it for yourself at the store!)

I like alternating this with the Orbis Powder Wash +, which reminds me of Fancl's powder wash as well. It has slightly larger granules than the latter, but lathers up into a luxurious foam just as easily to provide a clean wash without leaving skin taut (probably thanks to its Royal Jelly and Collagen ingredients). Just abit goes a long way...about 10c worth is sufficient for me.

I have some mixed feelings about the Aquaforce Moisture -L Lotion (Toner), it smelled far too strong of alcohol whenever I open the bottle so I usually go sparingly. However, it's watery texture is immediately absorbed before being mattified so I like using this before makeup. I have to say though, I think it did help to decrease the sebum amount on my oily T-zone because it looks less shiny than before.

But I did really like the Aquaforce Moisture -L (Facial Moisturizer) with its gelish lightweight texture; which contains Laminaria A to enhance water desnity and locking hydration into skin's reservoir, and Pure Aqua Essence ( amino acid complex) and Aqua Jelly Matrix to enhace skin's moisture hydration. Although its a much smaller bottle than the two other item, you really need only 1 dispense worth to go all over the face.

It has a jelly like consistency which then transitions into a watery state as you soothe it over your face, and I love popping this into the fridge just before using for a refreshing boost. You can also mix it into liquid foundation like me, before applying to have a more smoother finish.Drier skin types may not find this hydrating enough, and I'd recommend you to check out the Gel Cream version in the same range.

I also went ahead to pick some extra items because we enjoyed a 20% discount for the opening!

Care-Na Hot Cool Gel :
Been eyeing this in forever! This unique gel mask actually heats up to a comfortably warm temperature as you apply it, and the heat helps to open up pores and booster blood circulation in skin to allow it to optimally receive the benefits.

It comes in a transluscent black gel (due to Charcoal) and has witch hazel leaf extracts to clarify and minimize pore. Gives a very good cleanse although leaves my skin abit dry, so do remember to moisturise after.

Collagen Jelly (14 pkts): Definitely one of the better tasting ones I've tried! This milky white jelly is just mildly sweet, and tastes abit like Lychee and it formulated with collagen, hyaluronic acid and viatamin B6 to booster skin firmness and suppleness. Since I'm nearing my thirties, beauty supplements are now a must have for me...and here's a yummy version to look for!

Can't wait to pop by the Orbis store soon because their extensive collection of teas looks to die for!

Thank you Touch PR and Orbis Singapore for having me!
Do pop by the new Orbis branch located at 391 Orchard Rd, #B2-03A Singapore 238873.
(10.00am - 9.30pm daily)

Orbis SG Website | Facebook | Instagram 

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