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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Booking your travel is now annoyance-free with Traveloka!

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If you are like me who loves exploring different countries and states, diving deep into their local cultures and heritage and even experiencing the new food and the locals’ hospitality, then you would surely know how exciting and exhilarating it is to travel the world. But it can also be kind of stressful at times. Though it is not supposed to be like that, it always turns out to be quite true.

The stressful part comes way in the beginning – the booking for the ticket. How sure are you that you are getting the ultimate best fare? And the travel dates that you’ve picked, is it the best time to travel? Now comes the accommodation. How cheap is the hotel that you are picking? Are there different prices for that room on your websites? It is located in the area you would like to explore? Next comes the extra baggage fee and what not when you are trying your best to check-in peacefully. Yes, true story.
Gorgeous interior at Melaka's Quayside Hotel

So, how do you go around avoiding all this trouble? Fortunately for you, the answer lies in the form of an app, the one that addresses all these travel pains completely. This life saving app is created by Traveloka.

Traveloka Malaysia – An App for your ultimate travel convenience

When you travel as much as I do to Malaysia (partly due to my fiancee's business being located there), Traveloka is a godsend. Whatever trips you plan, booking your flight and accommodations must be done first before anything. With the dizzying plethora of different sites available today for flights and hotel, picking out one that gives you the most benefit will not be easy. However with Traveloka Malaysia, I can now book both my flight and my hotel straight from the app like a pro. No more moving on from one tab to another when you have this app to do everything for you.

But why this site when there are many other travel apps too, you might ask? Here are just some of the reasons why I love the app:

  • Honest pricing with no hidden cost
This travel application that can be downloaded for both the Android users and the IOS users filters the best flights and hotels so that you get to choose from the lowest prices available. Better yet, all the prices that are displayed is what you would be paying at the end. No hidden charges, flight fee, credit card fee etc.
  • One-Tap multi airlines pairing
No need to fumble with multi-tasking and moving from one airline site to the other to book your ticket; this amazing app combines everything on one single page. Not only just Traveloka compare prices and pick out the one that best fits your travel needs, it also has a cool ‘Smart Combo’ deal where you get to save up to 40% when you book a round-trip ticket!

  • View all your bookings in all your different devices
All you have to do is log in to your account and all your booking details, e-tickets and hotel vouchers will be automatically synced and immediately accessible on all your devices. Very important considering... I sometimes forget to charge my phone!
  •   A wide selection of Traveloka hotels and flights
Fly to over 100,000+ routes served by various domestic and international airlines and stay at 70, 000+ Traveloka hotels worldwide from budget ones to comfortable 5 star-hotels. Now you don't have to settle for second best when you have a massive myraid of options to choose from!

  • Go paperless and save Mother nature
One thing I love about the app is how its paperless! With the amount of constructions, deforestation and pollution around us increase, you can help this world by going green. Show your e-ticket and the Traveloka hotel vouchers straight from your mobile device.

So, for all you tech-savvy travelers out there, perhaps its now time to hop on this travel bandwagon today and see how the app changes the way you book your flights and hotel forever! Now I'm off to my next wanderlust adventure, and I can't wait to use Traveloka for it!


  1. where i grab the bus ticket offer coupons for SRS travels, Is redbus is best for booking bus tickets online??


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