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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Stay on the pulse of gourmet, beauty and tech trends with Ehbuzz!

Advertorial Feature

Hi loves! I'm kinda psyched because there's an exciting new social sharing community in town for the perennial explorers like me: introducing! An exciting new community portal for lifestyle outlets & trending news that awards you and adds a fun factor when you share your best food, beauty and tech recommendations! 

I'm quite the hardcore foodie, and I'm glad that this portal allows me to share my best-kept eating places with fellow foodies! And the user interface is relatively simple: just create your own profile like mine, then select "Introduce Outlet" on the menu icon on the top right of your screen:

Today I'm sharing a fave diner near home called Gourmet Pizza to Go. I simply upload a picture of the location or storefront, then fill in the detail in the "General" tab, which allows you to input information about the type of cuisine they serve, the price-points and where to find them.

 I think its also nifty that they included a GoogleMap function to accurately pinpoint the address, but it does get abit tricky when dropping the pin on the do take note!

Next, click the 2nd tab "More Details" so that other users can benefit from your indepth info before making their dining decision. This 2nd page allows you to furnish more details on payment modes (wouldn't want to be caught cashless at a cash-ONLY place no?), opening hours and contact details/social media. This not only helps to save time for people who wish to find out more, but you can even put your personal reviews and dining experiences in the Description section. 

Or if you prefer simply discovering new places to makan (eat, colloquial slang), then select "Buzzes" from the menu list, and you'll be greeted with a myraid of eating choices to suit your palate. You can also click "Sort" to categorize them based on price, location, type of cuisine or most rated!

One thing I really love about this portal is the gamification aspect! There is actually a scoreboard ranking so you can compare just how much new places you have recommended as compared to other users, not to mention the satisfaction of being at the top!

That's not all...your points increase each time you hit a milestone in recommending places, and you'll get awarded a cool-looking achievement badge after unlocking a new rank! As you climb up, you gain more traction with your followers, with an impressive badge line-up to boot!

Overall, I'm really kinda glad that Ehbuzz has arrived to our local scene. With a plethora of so many consumer review portals around such as Burpple, Openrice...its easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. Furthermore, they tend to be fielded with minimal, sometimes outdated info which adds to my frustration. As a blog writer, I'm thankful because Ehbuzz gives me a platform to reach out to a larger audience but also allows me to have a face and voice that people can identify when I contribute.

 What's there not to love? 
But don't just take my work for it...try out for yourself today!

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