Sunday, July 27, 2014

SBA 2014, Part II : The (Beauty) Tools of theTrade

Like a hammer is essential to a carpenter, and a sword is to a knight. so are beauty tools to a beauty blogger. We want to always present our best (-looking) selves to the world, and hence the introduction of beauty aids. I'm pleased to share some of my favourites, and perhaps its easier to see how these beauty tools come to play on a regular day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Launch + Review of Mont Blanc Legend Intense

You know the trademark white swirly logo for its iconic, ever-green sophisticated writing instruments....but did you know that Mont Blanc carries a distinguished fragrance line for the men that use them? In line with its prior contemporary fragrances, Legend Intense continues that timeless and sophisticated signature of the original fragrance, Legend; but refreshed into a warmer and more intense sensual version.

The Boyfriend, being a man of discerning taste in scents was perhaps the best partner I could have in my first men's fragrance launch, and no better person to test out the new scent!

Monday, July 21, 2014

SBA 2014 Event: OMY x Panasonic Beauty workshop

Now I’ll be honest: while I love all things makeup, skincare and bodycare, one area that I had neglected most is probably my hair. So you can imagine my slight panic when I found out that we were to be using hair-styling tools as part of our Best Beauty Blog judging. Thankfully, we were invited for a professional hair workshop organized by and Panasonic, hosted by long-time hair maestro Hong Ling (who worked with several prestigious local magazines).

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm a finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards! Best Beauty Blog

*takes a deep breath*

So I have had the unbelievable honour of being a finalist for the annual, highly coveted Singapore Blog Awards, and I figured I needed to pen down my thoughts abit to get around the radical whirlwind of happenings. I got the news from a unassuming phonecall with a very jovial voice on the other end informing me of the nomination, and I found my wary stern-sounding voice (because I thought it was yet another pesky telemarketer) very quickly give way to a high-pitched squeak of disbelief and a series of heart palpitations. I swear I'm not dramatising. 

Now you must understand, I've only been around for about barely 10 months and I've always believed that I'd write for the love of the written word. Fast forward into the present, countless events, faces and articles later, it has yet to hit me that I've come this far to stand in line with fellow bloggers that I've been reading and have an utmost respect for. From reading and wishing, to doing and creating what they have been doing for years. I am truly humbled and floored for this accolade. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating Cleanser and Brightening Foaming Cleanser

Sponsored Advertorial

When we think of drugstore beauty brands, some might scoff at the efficacy and quality compared to its higher-end, beauty counterparts. Before I even began my blogger journey, one of the first few cleansers I tried for my break-out prone adolescent complexion years ago was Neutrogena. Being a poorer student with limited spending, Neutrogena did not disappoint with its affordable pricing and cleaning prowess where other brands left my skin feeling dry and taut.

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