Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review: Glamglow's Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment

If you have been reading my past few posts, I having been waxing lyricals (read here and here) about the unsurpassed level of quality of the celebrity beauty buzzword brand, Glamglow.The newest addition to the Glamglow family is Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment, which gives you the best of both worlds, as a mud mask that almost magically transform into oil upon water contact! Buildups are a thing of the past with this double cleansing regime.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

4 ways to score the best online shopping deals!

I'm someone who doesn't believe in paying full value for anything. Now lest you begin thinking this blogger is starting to sound alot like the discount-guzzling auntie next door, let me explain. In these times where costs of living are rising , it is thus understandable and vital to save that rainy-day penny whenever possible.

So in the spirit of frugality, I figured I'd have some fun putting together some of my tried and tested, fuss-free ways to incorporate savings the next time you add something to that virtual shopping cart :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Love & Co Presents a Royal Affair with LVC AQUEEN

We were kindly invited by Love & Co to check out their the launch of the LVC AQueen collection at the Vivocity branch. To digress abit, if given the choice, I would pick being a queen over being a princess any day. Now now, before anyone thinks I'm trying to hint my boyfriend into doing the inevitable (haha), you would be mistaken. To celebrate eternal love, what better company to have than with 2 people I hold dear, the Boy and my blogging BFF, Celine <3

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review: Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau Légère VS Untold Absolu

What's your untold secret? Elizabeth Arden tells her story through the olfactory notes of the Untold fragrance series.Now I must apologise to the PR fairies for this super duper overdued post as I have been bogged down with a myraid of things as of late. But hey, what better way to compare it than with its predecessor?
The distinctively different personalities of
the Untold Eau Légère & Untold Absolu

Friday, October 3, 2014

Universally Stylish: Interview with Carmen Chan Jewelery

Sometime ago, I had the privilege of getting to know Carmen Chan Jewelery through my much beloved style partner, Honore Paris. One look at her creations, and its easy to see how one can fall in love as fast as I did. She was recently in Blueprint Emporium earlier this year, and the affable and down-to-earth designer speaks to me about her humble beginnings into the bejeweled trade and shares her thoughts on her latest collection entitled The Universe.

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