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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beauty Review: PHILOSOPHY


On a rather ordinary Monday morning, I woke up with pretty terrific news: I had been one of the top winners of a Polaroid contest held by the brand Philosophy at Bugis Junction.

Basically, polaroids were taken of participants, and they can chose how they want to pose with over-sized Philosophy props and embellish the shots with cute stickers and markers.
Just some of the many creative entries
Swayed by the adorable setup and the incessant cajoling by my Dad, I thought "what the heck" and went ahead with it. Never thought I would win since my design was nothing extraordinary, but hey stranger things happened. :)
Mine: with floral border and tagline "Philosophy's my belief"
Jubilantly, I went and collected my prize which was a massive stash of their bestsellers a few days later, at their Tai Seng office. I had always walked by the Bugis outlet, admiring their minimal but succinct pastel coloured packaging and interesting names. Now, I'm beyond thrilled to have a chance to try out some of the products I've been eyeing.

Before that, a little back story about Philosophy:
Its is the brain child of founder Cristina Carlino to bridge the gap between the premium services and dermatology in doctors' offices and retail, so women are able to access leading skin care technologies at the comfort of their very own  homes. Philosophy works closely with dermatologists and scientists to bring revolutionary ingredients, break-through formulas. 

Philosophy's signature minimalist packaging is to reiterate the simplicity and innocence of the brand. with lowercase text as its primary graphic , each product comes with a daily greeting to take on greater meaning, with clever names that make you smile or inspire thought.

1) Hope in a Jar oil-free gel 

A much heard award-winning bestseller. The gel is lightweight and good to use for both day and night, although a person with drier skin may want to opt for a heavier cream. I have rather oily complexion so this was perfect for me. It left my face feeling refreshed as though I had just splashed water on it, and was absorbed very quickly into my skin. Since it absorbs fast, I am able to apply on my makeup immediately after.

According to its label, it promises antioxidant protection and improves skin texture/tone. Contains the ester of lactic acid for exfoliation and contains beta-glucan to achieve that healthy, rosy glow.

2) Raspberry Sorbet Bath Wash

Well here's another way to curb your cravings, start smelling like one! :P
The wash itself is rather thick and luscious, but lathers very easily to give a thorough clean bath. The fragrance is really accurate to real raspberries, though I'm not really a fan of overly sweet bath products, this scent was not too coying. It contains moisturizing agents that smooth and condition the skin , while gentle cleansing agents remove excess oils and impurities.

3) Microdelivery triple-acid brightening peel

While the name sounds scary, its actually pretty harmless.  Sans the expensive price of an aesthetic chemical peel, this product consists of 12 pre-saturated chemical peel pads( for weekly use) to deliver superior skin-brightening and anti-aging benefits. The triple-acid formula contains mandelic, phytic and azelaic acids to clear dead skin cells for skin tone improvement and smoothen fine lines. This brightening technology also visibly decreases dark spots and discoloration.

I see the difference after about 3 uses, my skin is seems to have smoothened out, and while has a slight tingly effect, it appears to be lighter than before. My dark pigmentation left from blemish scarrings and harsh sun is nearly invisible (yay!) People with sensitive skin may want to test it on their under-wrist area first in case it is too harsh.

 4) Miracle Worker anti-aging retinoids

Multitasking is the key word here. Miracle Worker promises to buffer wrinkle appearances, lighten skin discoloration and enhance clarity and glow. Formulated with HPR next-generation retinoid technology, it maximizes skin's rejuvenation potential. *HPR is a next-generation, high-performance retinoid that is suitable for all skin types. The combined ingredients of HPR, vitamins C and E, and natural botanicals enhances anti-aging results and user tolerance.

Directions: Pour the entire bottle of miraculous anti-aging retinoid solution into the container of pads before the first use. discard bottle. wipe pad over face and back of hands 7 nights a week. always apply sunscreen in the morning, even on a rainy day. use one pad nightly for optimal results. the tinted bottle and fresh-pour system maintain the stability of the retinoid.

5) Amazing Grace spray fragrance

Amazing Grace is a fragrance that encapsulates femininity and one can wear the scent like a beautiful dress every day of the week, feeling pretty even in the most ordinary wear. Since I very much love light, floral scents, this was perfect for my everyday use without smelling too overbearing.

Top notes are mandarin orange, grapefruit and bergamot; middle notes are freesia, jasmine and rose; base note is musk. 

 6) Total Matteness oil-free pore, mattifying refiner

I have always had a problem with my enlarged pore from overzealous scrubbing and extractions. So this refiner (toner) was pretty much a godsend. Contains natural bamboo extract to absorb excess oil and minimize shine, as well as added lentil seed extract to help fortify the pore walls to make pores tighter and less visible, and salicylic acid removes dead cells build-up, thus brightening one's complexion. Gentle on my skin, it leaves a light scent on my skin upon absorbing, leaving it fresh and mattified. Suitable for use before makeup application for better stay-on.

7) Take Shelter uva/uvb spf 50 pa +++ sunscreen

Shelter is an antioxidant-rich, broad-spectrum sun protection formula that incorporates the anti-aging benefits of peptides as it protects and helps soothe the skin. Its light creamy texture is comparable with past ones that I've tried like Neutrogena and Aqualabel.

 For good UV protection, I have heard that it is best to get products that is at spf 30 and above, so Shelter definitely brings it to a higher level of coverage. The small thin tube is light and easy to fit in makeup pouches to carry. Staying power wise, I reapplied it around half day to touch up.

8) Senorita Magarita lipshine
 When applied.
As much as I like the shimmer and color of it, I'm afraid I'm more of a lipstick girl than lip gloss. However, Senorita Magarita preps and hydrates your puckers deeply for a dazzling shine that will see you through those late clubbing nights. Slightly on the sticky side. Great for layering on top of your fave lip color to give a slight iridescent shine. While I don't recommend anyone to lick away your lip stuff, this one tastes a lemony sweet!

Got myself a really retro-esque duo toned colored Melissa wedges with the voucher. Despite a lack of my size for 90% of the designs, I managed to find one that I liked and in size 35.

I couldn't have been more happier on a dull, gray Monday. Thank you Philosophy!

Hop to your nearest Philosophy branch for to have your beauty needs diagnosed and receive free satchet samples to test the Miracle out yourselves!

Like their facebook for to stay updated on latest promotions and lucky draws:


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