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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Pod Boutique Capsule Hotel: Promising Effortless Living

Take it from me, I'm extremely critical about hostels and 'capsule' hotels, or any kind of accommodations that are communal in essence. I have heard far too many horror stories (but amazingly good ones too) about it that I've developed a certain skepticism about it. So when I heard about The Pod, I was pleasantly surprised and saw my worst fears put to ease.

Lobby/ General area
Though not the first of its kind in Singapore, The Pod certainly gives its competition a good run for their money. Step into the hotel, and it is not hard to see why. Its minimalist design features a theme of mostly grays and browns, coupled with abstract shaped linear light features, exudes a quiet elegance and serene, welcoming feel to visitors checking it.

I know what you must be thinking" "Really? Capsule hotels? Why not just stay in a budget hotel?"

Front entry beds

The first thing that comes to mind is probably their rather minuscule-sized Japanese counterparts, of which most people are uncomfortable since they liken it to being in a 'coffin'. However, The Pod puts those concerns to rest, with its single and queen size beds measuring up to 2.2 cubic metres and 3.8 cubic metres respectively.
This is me sitting upright across the Queen pod...look at how much space is left!
Where as a budget hotel such as Hotel 81 & Aqueens would cost between $100 to $160 on average, The Pod's rate is $78 for single bed, and $98 for a queen bed, which is far below the price point.

Side entry beds
To give that additional touch of luxury, each pod also contains a 300 cotton-thread count sateen cotton sheets and fluffy duvet. Each pod is self-sufficient, within it is furnished with a reading light, a foldable table, clothes hanger, a towel and a bottle of water. Consisting of 8 rooms in total, each room contains 10 or 12 pod beds and a shared changing room.

I have 2 pet peeves about communal living: security and cleanliness of facilities.  I think that another area of concern for me would be the washrooms. I'm someone whose kinda There is 3 self-contained toilets with basin, toilet bowl and shower cubicle, and another 2 more sans the shower. A communal marble vanity stretches through,with use of hair dryer and iron located on the side.

Welcoming and stylish

Effortless living is their mantra, and it is reiterated by the means provided by The Pod; each visitor is entitled to complimentary Breakfast buffet (7am - 10.30am daily), a Nespresso coffee (Choice of 8 coffee blends) as well as dry cleaning and self-service laundry.

Since the latest fiasco about a molestation of women in hostels, The Pod has factored the safety of female travelers as part of its features. In fact, female travelers travelling alone can enjoy additional privacy with the availability of female-only pods. Adding another layer of security, The Pod is monitored by a 24-hour CCTV security service, whilst access to rooms and to each floor of The Pod boutique hotel is only limited to key-card access. Only registered guests and hotel staff are provided with key card access.

Opaque blinds for privacy

Have working trip and layovers but not comfortable with the openness of a communal hotel? 

Fret not; The Pod has 3 private business stations complete with reading light, a phone, and cable ports for laptop use. Encased in thick solid wood rooms, it is relatively soundproof and conducive for those important business or personal web meetings. The hotel offers free wifi which is also available through each floors.
Cute! The 3 business stations spell 'POD' on its doors. 
Inside the private business stations.
 According to Mr. Seetoh Kum Loon, the co-founder of The Pod, he explains why The Pod stands in a league of its own. “We have been observing the hospitality industry for some time now and realised there exists a gap in Singapore for discerning travellers who were mindful of their budget when it came to choosing their accommodation, but wanted to enjoy the comforts and quality synonymous with a hotel.”

And it is evident that travellers these days are starting to change their mindsets, judging from its approximate 85% occupancy since its launch in on this year's National Day eve.

Experience the premium level of affordable luxury without the pricetag yourself today.

Check their website for to find out more: 


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