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Monday, December 9, 2013

Launch of Repetto Paris fragrance + Giveaway!

When I received the invite to the launch of Repetto's inaugural fragrance, I was psyched. In my trip to France earlier, I first chanced upon Repetto, a favourite brand of many French girls for its classical comfortable shoes. Its origins is one that began from a mother's love, a Rose Repetto, who wanted the comfortable shoes for her son who was a ballet dancer.

A few bloggers and I were invited to check out the launch of the new fragrance, and we were greeted with a whole company of ballerinas from the Cheng Ballet,  with dainty (and yummy) cupcakes in a tea party-like setting. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of pink, the whole place was too pretty for words! The launch began with a specially choreographed performance to express a ballerina taking her first dance.

Video of performance below: 

Do you see the white sashes that they are swaying? The ballerinas were rather brilliant; they spritzed the Repetto fragrance on it so the audience could smell light whafts it when it passed them by!

Activity time! Since the theme was ballerina related, we had a tutorial by a hair stylist on how to achieve a tres chic ballerina bun. I was kind astounded by how easy it looked ...

Ballerina Bun Tutorial

1) Make 3 bunches of hair and braid them.
2) Take the middle and curl into an inwards "C", which allows it to have more volume than wrapping it around flatly on the head.  Secure with bobby pins.
3) Take the second braid and curl it through the first one, and secure it as well.
4) Wrap the last braid around the other two and secure it in place too.
5) As an added lovely touch, rosette clips are attached to the side to complete the romantic look.     

    Voila! Dinner - ready look in 5 simple steps!

My Turn!

Feeling all self-confident and awesome, I proceeded to try it on my own...with abysmal results. :( Thankfully, the hairstylist swooped in and saved the day; and hence I was able to leave with hairdo (and dignity intact).

The Repetto fragrance is possibly one of the prettiest scent I've ever encountered, since my YSL Young Sexy Lovely and Ralph Lauren's Romance fragrances. The fragrance, is as elegant as the bottle housing the dainty pink. The ingredients contain the following:

 Like a graceful ballerina, the floral woody musky fragrance opens with a refreshing burst of Pear, coupled with a powdery whiff of cherry blossom. The heart notes transcends gently to a satin rose and the orange blossom. Like a sophisticated Ballet, it fades into a powdery amber, with the slightest hints of ambery woods and vanilla.

I really liked the Repetto fragrance, not only does it have a delicate and elegant scent, it lasts pretty long on me (about 6-7 hours on 1 single spray). It has been well recieved and is the pick of celebrity singer-song writer Ming Bridges in Nuyou's Dec issue (pictured below)!

Each of us bloggers were also lucky to be given a 80ml bottle of Repetto for keeps after the event. (yay!)The Repetto fragrance is now retailing exclusively at all Sephora branches and the Repetto boutique at ION Orchard. The bottle is available in 3 sizes; 30ml ($65), 50ml ($100) and 80ml ($135).

Thank you for having me, Repetto Paris!

Would you like a chance to own the Repetto fragrance as well?
I'll be giving away a full-sized bottle (80 ml) worth $135!

Head over to the Facebook giveaway post to enter now!


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