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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Launch + Review: L’Oreal Paris EverStrong Hair & Scalp System

The state of our crowning glory could be likened to caring for flowers; given the right amount of care and resources and it flourishes and blossoms, but similarly neglect it and it is slated to wither and die. Perhaps that's why the creative people at L'Oreal has tied in a flower arrangement session in relations to the latest addition to their Hair Expertise line: The L’Oreal Paris EverStrong Hair & Scalp System.

The cosy event was held at the Lime House, a quaint shophouse style bar-cum-restaurant tucked in a quiet corner of the Keong Saik bars and dining belt. After a short introduction to the new range and its benefits, we were lead to the flower arrangement activity (which I kinda dreaded since I'm not an artistic person). Each of us were given random stalks of different flowers and left to our own devices to style....

I might have surprised myself at my once non-existant green fingers. Voila! Here's my humble creation after cut fingers, alot of hacking of leaves and a zillion trial-and-error later. Not too bad eh?

Standing proud with the ladies and our humble creations:

The lovely Joey from L’Oreal went around with a handheld diagnosis gadget that essentially takes a very magnified snapshot of our hair to study the individual problems. Slightly embarrassed but curious to know, I gave myself up for scrutiny....

And behold, the not too pretty sight that is the state of my hair.

Joey explained that I had 2 problems: I had thinning hair thats weakened and prone to dropping, as well as slight dandruff situation that blocking the hair roots from absorbing nutrients. Research has shown that
unhealthy scalp conditions and breakage are two common causes of hair loss. Hence, the new EverStrong Hair & Scalp System helps to fight these problems by thorough cleansing and purifying treatment with its 3 products.

Picture contrast edited for clarity
After being mortified at the dire state of my hair, I was desperate for salvation. So turning to the Hair Expertise EverStrong Hair & Scalp System™, I'm happy to note that its 100% free of sulfates, harsh salts and parabens, meaning its gentle for sensitive scalps and doesn't cause skin irritationIts patented Amino Acid Complex strengthens weakened thinning hair to build density while caring for the scalp.

And as always, I'm a lover of all products fragrant. The Everstrong range is 100% vegan; and enhanced only with natural botanical ingredients such as Rosemary and Mint, thats not only invigorating to smell but is also popularly ingredient choice for stimulating and accelerating hair growth. Furthermore, it has anti-dandruff properties thats good for nourish dry, sensitive scalp.
So since I started using the EverStrong Thickening Shampoo (250ml/ $14.90), this is honestly the first time I don't have that oily feeling on my fingertips when I run my fingers through my hair. It looks and feels more airy than before, a slight increase in volume as I've never see before without blow-drying (except in salons). If you are someone who likes his/her shampoo foamy, this one doesn't lather as much due to the lack of Sodium Laureth Sulphate, which has been known to cause scalp problems and skin irritation.

Ingredients list as follows:

I do note on a personal note, that its abit drying to my hair tips, but this is rectified by using the complementing EverStrong Thickening Conditioner (250ml/ $14.90). Packed similarly in a green large tube, the consistency of the conditioner is a white creamy one as compared to the gelish of the shampoo. Squeeze about a 50c coin sized and I distribute it evenly between my damp hair. Leaving it for about 1- 3 minutes, I then rinse it off with cold water, which leaves strands feeling very smooth and tangle free.

Ingredients list as follows:

I also liked the EverStrong Thickening Tonic (150ml /$29.90) in the range. It comes in a slim, spray bottle. Very simple to use: you simply divide your hair in 3 sections  (Top, middle, bottom) and aim spray on both sides of the head. Leave it in and massage in a circular motion all around your head, so that it spreads it everywhere on the scalp. The spray-on feels cool and evaporates fast so you can fall asleep fast without feeling damp. Upon application, you will feel a very cool, tingling sensation, but will fade away as you lightly massage it in.

On a 3 week plus test later , the moment of truth is revealed...

Before using:

After using:

Review:  Nothing short of a miracle! I think you can see the results speak for itself. Working as a 3-step system, my hair is cleansed, conditioned and nourished from inside out. My locks regain some of its lustre, and what really makes me happy is seeing my receding hair lines growing faint as new hair growth is encouraged. Of course, its still too early to have amazing results, but I feel this is great improvement from my initial flat hair state and obvious thinning. I guess the only bone I'd pick.... is that I wished both shampoo and conditioner came in pump-style like the hair tonic!

So...I'm quite the lazy person, hence the rinse-out conditioner is a step too many for me . So I'm happy to have this L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil $26.90 (leave-in) to tame my less-than-obedient tresses. I have been told that my scalp is oily, but my hair is both flyaway and dry-fizzy at the ends. Pressing down for a squeeze-amount's worth, I basically rub both palms together to heat up the active ingredients before running it through my hair. The oil almost feels water-like, very lightweight and has a faint fragrance. It doesn't feel greasy but rather silky moist.

Ingredients list as follows:

Take note that you do not rub it into your scalp, but soothe into strands some distance away from your scalp. This prevents it from seeping into and congesting the roots of the follicles, causing the scalp to be unable to absorb the effects of the haircare. Also, you don't have to overzealous with the amount, unless you have long hair like me, about 1-2 pumps should be enough to cover everything. I also like that its very versatile to use, you can either use it on its on as a touch-up or as a prep before colouring or blow-drying. Or just simply incorporate with your existing hair mask before application. 

In my personal opinion, I found the range overall to be pretty good in delivering their claims. Apart from the rinse-out conditioner (I'm just a creature of habit), I think I would be continuing this range after I'm finished with the current, especially the hair tonic. The L’Oreal Paris EverStrong Hair & Scalp System products mentioned above will be retailing in supermarkets, pharmacies and departmental stores island-wide from March 2014 onwards. 

But hey! Don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself! Loreal Paris is currently offering travel -sized versions for you to use and take on their 30-day challenge. Check out the redemption details on their Facebook page, open exclusively to Singapore residents. 

Hair S.O.S, anyone? 

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