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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: BeautyBiotics, Going Back to Beauty Basics

I've noticed the brand BeautyBiotics circulating around some blogs lately, and with good reason it has piqued my interest. Promising to be a new breakthrough range of dermatological cosmetics formulated for Asian Skin, it claims to deliver deep hydration and collagen/elastin regeneration at a cellular level, in just 1 use.

 BeautyBiotics range uses light-diffusing optic technology which infuses skin for a radiant and glowing complexion; as well as Nano Technology to pack more hydrating and age-defying active ingredients in a single application and delivering into deep layers of the skin to enhance skin cell regeneration.

What this really means is damaging levels of UV is filter out, leaving only beneficial levels to trigger its light-activated ingredients. Also, its nano encapsulated powders enhances absorption of the active ingredients into the dermal layer, since particles are 1/100 size of other powder brands.

I got this set of three from SampleStore just this week, and it consists of: BB+ Nano Luminensce Mineral Pearl Powder, BB/CC Beauty Balm Color Corrector and the Anti-Pigmentation UV Mineral Powder. Together, this ranges sets to deliver a flawless complexion canvas complete with coverage and sunprotection. Giving up my usual makeup routine for a day, I took these babies for a test drive.

First up, the BeautyBiotics Dream Cream BB/CC Beauty Balm Color Corrector. An advanced BB/CC cream formula that combines 12 skin effects in one application including anti-wrinkle, collagen regeneration, whitening, hydration, colour correction and blemish covering. Its dermatologically tested formula contains broad spectrum UV protection (SPF 40, PA+++) helps enhance skin elasticity and even skin tone whilst providing perfect coverage.

Directions: Apply a small amount using fingers and gently blend the cream over the face in small circular motions, covering the face evenly. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Review: I found the consistency to be abit like paste, so the blending wasn't as smooth as I had expected, hence I'd recommend a layer of primer/moisturiser before application. You can spot the nano-glitter which is quite abundant in each BB-cream amount (as I'm given the Shimmer shade), so layer on a small amount each time. I have to give it props as my face really looks a few shades fairer after applying and the coverage is rather decent, as blemishes on the right side of my cheeks are nearly gone. It also appears to balance out my red patches, giving my face an overall evened-out skin tone.

Available in 3 shades: Shimmer, Fair, Natural

Next, set the look with the BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder ($45) promises to provide broad brand UV protection with its nanonized light-diffusing pearl crystals. Besides filtering out to diffuse light to diminish facial lines, it also promises to deliver lasting coverage for imperfections. The power combo of Nano Collagen + Pearl Powder + Ceramide + Hyaluronic Acid means that skin is helps to repair, regenerate and hydrate skin whilst giving skin a natural radiant glow. 

Directions: Apply evenly onto face using the powder puff that is provided. Reapply onto problem areas for extra coverage. Available in shades of Shimmer & Matte.

Review: I like this the best, the coverage was a bit like a lightweight thin veil as it set the BB-cream that I had applied earlier. I can clearly see the the nano-glitter speckles but when blended, actually gives the faces a lightly glowy texture. But also because its rather sheer, I tend to apply about 2-3 layers to achieve that effect. It was a pretty hot day when I was doing this selfie, and glad to note that this one has some degree of sweat/oil control; judging by lack of makeup smudges on my handphone after using.  

Last but not least, when you have your bases settled, its important to give an extra layer of sun-protection. I know, I've been guilty of going out without applying sun protection. With most products of being liquid form, there's no going back with after your makeup has been applied. But with the BeautyBiotics Dream Cream UV White Nano Mineral Powder ($49), now you can. It contains a powerful cocktail of Nano Collagen (rejuvenate skin),  Hyaluronic Acid (hydration) and Alpha Arbutin Formula to diminish the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots.

Directions to use: Apply evenly onto the face and areas with dark spots and wrinkles. Re-apply throughout the day as necessary.

Review: Essentially, this is a sunscreen in the form of powder and not so much of a cosmetic unlike the earlier two. It gives a faint whitening effect to highlight and illuminate areas of the face. I'm a fuss-free person and so I do like the convenient application with the attached sponge. Its nice that this does not leave any kind of white-cast, but rather blends in well with the makeup to give a natural finish. Be warned thought, tap gently each time, if not the puff dispenses too much powder and you end up with white patches (but you can just blend this out with your fingers).

If you like what you see, then do like BeautyBiotics's Facebook page for the latest updates and promotions!

All the products featured here are currently exclusively available at all Singapore Watsons outlets.

Stay Beautiful, everyone!


  1. awwwwww! hey there! I guess i need to use this already~ I have super dark skin :( thanks for sharing this loving post! onya if got time mind visit my blog back :)

    have an awesome day ^^

  2. Hi Joo Yee, Hahahah you're a guy...aiyo its ok la. Darker means more manly? Thanks for the comment, I've read your awesome blog! :)


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