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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Etude House Spring 2014: Every Month Cleanising Foam, Color Lips-fit & Face Conditioning Cream!

Spring is made better, with the Etude House Spring 2014 collection of skincare and makeup goodies! From cleansing basics with their calendar's worth of foaming cleansers, to my weakness for rich lip colors, these new arrivals will surely capture your fancy. Got this care package from the lovely Korean brand sometime back but haven't had a chance to review it since I started my new job. Alas, such is the tussle between passion and reality...

Ever finished your facial cleanser then couldn't decide whether to continue to change a new brand? Well, now with Etude House's Every Month Cleansing Foam ($6), decisions are made easy with 12 different flavours which are numbered accordingly to the months in a year. Infused with botanical ingredients including some unsual ones such as  Pomegranate, Red Wine, Lemon and Garlic (seriously?) and Walnut...its going to be hard going back to your usual run-of mill brands. But apart from providing colorful variety, they are also targeted to tackle various skin problems caused the oxidants in our environment and weather.

Each flavor aside from smelling divine, is also imbued for special uses. For example, here I'm sponsored the Avocado & Butter (Deep Moisturising for dry skin), Tomato & Apple (Tone Clarifying for dull discoloured skin), Lemon and Garlic (Purifying for UV-stressed skin) and Aloe Vera (Soothing blemished, dry and sunburnt skin). 

And also for this reason, the cleansing foams come in 3 different consistencies: Fresh cream, moist pearl cream and moist gel. But which ever you chose, you'll be pleased to know the cleansers are formulated to for all skin types, even for sensitive types due to its mild formulation.

Review: How do I choose, they all smell amazing! I noted that the fresh cream seemed to create the thickest foam when lathered out of the 3 types. But I guess my favorite would have to be the every classic Aloe Vera flavour, as I'm more inclined to gel washers; and also the one that's recommended for a combination-skin type like me. And as for the scent, I felt that the lemon + garlic was surprising a zesty uplifting one (not so much of the garlic smell), and the tomato + apple was a sweet and light one, as was the Avocado + Butter one. I love that they do not leave that waxy feeling after rinsing, and leaves my skin feels moisturized and refreshed. And for the affordable price, you get quite a generous quantity.


Etude House Face Conditioning Cream ($19.90) is a multitasking worker: Not only does it prep skin to a makeup-ready condition, it also contains whitening, anti-wrinkle and sun protection properties! It contains natural oils such as Argan and Olive to really pump up the hydrating factor, essential since our skin loses moisture easily given our humid climate. And it uses Ultrafine Particle Dispersion Technology, which stimulates skin brightening to achieve that natural glowing complexion. 

When swatched on hand:

Review: Its like having a silky veil over your skin; and doesn't feel like it weighs down on my skin even after layering makeup. Plus, I also noticed my face appeared to be more luminous and fairer (as shown in the picture above), such that the redness on my face are less visible too. Love that effect! Used like your regular primer, the cream helps to smoothen dry spots on my face to ensure a smoother application of my foundations and concealers. Because its abit on the rich, I feel that just a small amount will go a long way. 


I saved the best for last...the Color Lips-Fit ($15)! Being a sucker for pucker, its formulated with silicon oil, silky powder using Airy-Fit technology, to create a lightweight texture. FYI, the range also contains a dual function clear gloss that can be used either as a base (primer) or a top coat (glossy finish). But what really makes me quite excited, it that 2 exclusive shades are specially named Sulli Pink and Krystal Biege, after one of my favourite Korean girl-bands, f(x)!

When swatched on hand:

When applied on lips:

Review: The color is beautiful, and is rather pigmented that you only need a single coat to see the vivid shade. Application-wise, it went on smoothly on top lips and did although it looks quite moist initially, it transforms into a matte finish. However, I felt that the color distribution was somewhat cakey, and I needed to use my little finger to spread and even out the color. I preferred the Sulli Pink shade (obvious bias aside), as it gives a pretty pop of color to my usual basic makeup routine. Another thing I noted,was that the lipcolor had a candy-sweet scent that I adored!

Two words to achieving that natural, flawless Korean-esque beauty made simple: Etude House! All products reviewed here are currently retailing at all Etude House outlets.

Thank You WoM & Etude House!

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