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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Launch of Talika Light Duo+ @ Forlino

I've came across the brand Talika sometime back during work, and when I asked some colleagues about it they raved about it, especially about their best-selling eyelash serum. Had the pleasure to be invited by dear Mag from Modgam to know more about the brand, as well as to check out the launch of their latest product: Talika Light Duo+; a revolutionary iontherapy home treatment appliance.

Held at the scenic Forlino, I took a closer look at the oval-shaped gadget. I found it interesting and rather cool that this was inspired by NASA light technology. Since the 1970s, Talika has been constantly researching the benefits of light wavelengths on skin.

A breakthrough in 2008 saw its first Light Therapy product, and since then it currently has 3 different light therapy products: LIGHT 590 (a collagen synthesis stimulator), LIGHT 525 (skin lightener), LIGHT DUO (A combination of LIGHT 590 & 525).

Mr Alexis Broode himself gave a personal anecdote while introducing the Duo+. During a rather eventful surfing trip, he had gotten a huge gash on his forehead that left him with numerous gashes. But rather than let it get to him, he tested out the Duo+ on his wound, and was amazed to see how it closed in just days. 

Miraculous? Maybe. But he credits Duo+'s light therapy, as traumatised or agressed skin caused but exteral factors (toxins, sunburn, stress, surgery, smoking, hormonal changes) loses its natural 'intellegence' to heal, hence recovery period stretches longer. But by restimulating the cells with this light therapy, it helps to regains its ability to reboot the natural healing process.

I thought that the item was quite thoughtfully crafted; the size was perfect and curved to fit the curve of a palm. Its smart-technology has a sensor such that if no skin or surface is detected under its light rays, it will switch off automatically. When switched on, there is a gentle vibrating motion, and can be used to soothe and help penetrate any existing beauty regimes by simply placing gently or holding it close to the face. 

Basically, the Talika Duo+ helps to convey messages to the skin cell, which help to reactivate its original “intelligence”. As our skin is both comples and multifactorial, skin problems can start with the simplest of things; like deepening of wrinkle lines, which is then usually followed after with inflammations and redness.

Hence, the Duo+ comes with 3 different light settings (each with different frequencies) to tackle three general skin problem areas: Green for lightening dark spots, Yellow for reversing the signs of wrinkles and fine lines, and Red for effective reduction of redness.

And of course, was a pleasure to meet new and old friends at beautiful setting like this! So many beautiful blogger ladies in one single picture, though sadly poor Jo from Missjology is missing here due to overexposure which caused her face to appear as a super white blank. I feel really bad to be laughing about it but it was really quite hilarious, especially when I told her she doesn't need to buy anymore whitening products. 

Your sacrifice will always be remember, Jo :P

My thoughts: I think The Talika Duo+ could be the answer to a number of chronic and long-lasting skin problems, albeit a rather costly pricetag of $500. Although, if one measures it cost ratio, it might actually be an economic choice as compared to paying a few thousands of dollars for repeated facial treatments. I'm intrigued and I'd love to have a chance to review this to check out its rather amazing results.

Thank You Talika for the invite!

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