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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Escentials' New Summer Picks: Annick Goutal, By Terry & Glam Glow!

Summers are always a great season to look forward to: sandy beaches, hot styles and a time where all of nature blooms at its finest. And one of the things that makes Summer great, is the new beauty goodies that celebrate it! I was glad to be invited to the ever cosy enclave that is Escentials Paragon, where fellow beauty bloggers and I check out the newly arrived must haves for the summer.

Unfortunately due to work, I arrived at the scene more than half an hour late so I missed the makeup demonstration on the lovely Gwen.

If you have read my earlier post about the GlamGlow Supermud and Youthmud,  then you must know that I am an absolute fan of the GlamGlow brand. So I was excited to meet its newest addition to the family, the ThirstyMud. Unlike the earlier two that specialized in cleansing / treatment, ThirstyMud is all about EXTREME hydration. Featuring the newest advanced hydration active technologies; with patented ingredients such as Dewdration™, HydraPack™, GreenEnergy™ & TEAOXI.

Does the above ingredients sound super fantastic, but not sure what they really mean? They are proprietary formulations of the GlamGlow brand to answer the different hydration levels of our skin. Fret not and let me break it down for you:
  • Drewdration: A scientific blend of popular hydration liquid acids Hyaluronic Acid and Citric Acid. Has the deepest penetrating power for hydration. 
  • HydraPack: Uses specialized active ingredients such as Botanimoist, Apple Moisturising Saccharides, Oat Beta Glucan to nourish where moisture is depleted, and HydraClay to retain maximum moisture.
  • GreenEnergy: Consisting Orange Blossom Honey and Coconut Oil which brightens and conditions the complexion, complete with Ginger Root for natural detoxification. 
  • Teatoxi: A recurring in prior GlamGlow products, this patent pending technology uses Olive leaf to deliver natural Linoleic Acid for moisture retention.

DIRECTIONS: Use 2-3 times per week or when needed. Apply a layer on the Face, Neck & Décolleté. For day, its recommended to let it sit for between 10-20 minutes, before wiping with tissue and massaging any residue into skin or wash-off with water. Efficacy is best if left on throughout the night while sleeping, a popular choice for people travelling for long-haul flights. The gel-cream texture although feels abit heavy, and really does really gives that much need burst of hydration for my skin. Smells delightfully of Coconut and a definite recommendation for people with very dry skin!

Annick Goutal fragrances have always been a thing of beauty; their boudoir-style bottles are unmistakable with its shiny gold cap and and pillared boudoir-styled glass bottles. Annick Goutal Matin D’orage Eau de Parfum is a reincarnation of its predecessor, its Eau De Toilette. 

Perhaps one of the most refreshing scents since my darling Marc Jacobs Rain EDT was discontinued, the Un Matin d'Orage is a medley of the most delicate flowers such as Magnolia, hints of milky tuberose and coupled with the smoky muskiness of  Myrrh and Vanilla. It is quite mysterious and paradoxical, beginning with a fresh sweetness before fading away into a lingering warm note.

If you like cheek stain products like the Benetint, then the By Terry range could be where your upcoming paychecks are going to. A quick introduction to the brand: it is the creative brainchild of Terry de Gunzburg, a Frenchwoman who grew up in a long prestigious family of scientists but decided to pursue the totally different world of beauty. Her philosophy is one that hopes to deliver 'Luxury in Beauty', which is understandable considering her notable stint with YSL and her work alongside the development of game-changer products like the Touche Eclat.

By Terry introduces two new shade to herald the summer heat; the Tea-to-Tan and Cheek-to-Cheek complexion products are stunning! Its “100% water” texture with bi-phased formula, simply means that application is smooth without being patchy, and gets easily absorbed by skin which allow you to build up color without overkilling it. Each comes in a dropper-like bottle for easy disperse.
From watery to instant natural blended flush
The colors are really beautiful in real life. although when first dripped it looks super dark. Using fingers, blend about 2-3 drops from apple of your cheeks to the hairline, and the color becomes a natural sheer flush. The Tea-to-Tan is more like a bronzer to give your cheeks a healthy-looking tan , whereas Cheek-to-Cheek is a medium rose-pink that's great oh-so wearable. However, like most richly pigmented tints, do control the amount that apply and start sparingly and dab on to layer the color. 


Also By Terry are 6 new Aqua-Print Eyeshadow pencils,which are a retractable pencil design (twist button to use). They come in 2 different finishes: the matte ones which are Blue Fiesta and Violet Vibes, and the shimmery types which come in shades of Darling Muse, Pink Frappe, Green Tornado, Peach Tornado. Their shades are rich and even just one coat gives great color.

The eye pencils are waterproof which is apt for the humidity of ever sunny Singapore, and the texture glides on so easily. Darker colors are pigmented enough that one coat can suffice, but lighter colors may need a secondary coat. My fave shade surprisingly, was Green Tornado, which actually brightens up my eyes and doesn't really really that overpowering a shade when applied.

Here's how it looks when swatched on my hand:

Thank you Escetials for another amazing launch;
I always knew summers were my favourite seasons for a reason !


  1. These products sound great! I love the packaging they use, makes it look so inviting.

  2. I love GlamGlow! Tried the supermud and it was amazing. =)

  3. I love all the products! Looks so nice.. :))

  4. Glam Glow products are earning rave reviews from so many people! Will have to try them for sure. Great write up dear. GIG

  5. Nice lady's beauty products and I'll recommend to my daughter.

  6. Lovely Products. Never heard about this before. Pictures are simply outstanding.

  7. This can really help your skin to be moisturized. You'll definitely have better skin with Glam Glow..

  8. Lol am glow looks like a good brand...I esp like the hydra pack... It just seems to be like then product which will leave your skin so supple

  9. I have been dreaming of the Glam Glow products for a while now, they are a bit pricey, but from what I've read in the beauty blogosphere so far they worth the money. I did not hear of the brand "By Terry" before, I like the packaging of the new products and the pigmentation.

  10. I've heard of Glam Glow from Beauty Bloggers before .. seems like a mid range brand. It's so cool that you got to try these amazing products. Great Pics .. what Camera do you use?

  11. i love Annick Goutal Perfumes, I always buy one when I go to Paris because they all have unique flavor of the most flagrant flowers. I adore GlamGlow brand too, especially their hydrating facial mask that makes my skin glowing after I use it. Great photos and expert reviews of all of your picks!

  12. Beautiful model! And I absolutely love the eye pencils! I'm so glad they are bringing the thick ones back!

  13. All of these products look great!! I love the bottle of the perfume!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your summer essetials. I really need these makeup stuffs.

  15. The "Teatoxi" in GlamGlow caught my attention especially when you say it's suitable for long flights! Will love to try it out some day!

  16. I`ve heard really good reviews about GlamGlow. I feel like I should check the product line soon.

  17. That's one of a fabolous products for ladies.


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