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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Food Review: French fusion @ Miam Miam Westgate

I know this is waaaaaay overdue but better late then never? :) Today is all about the contemporary French dining experience...I am talking about Miam Miam (French way of saying Yum Yum, cute!). Love the raw and simplistic element of the decor, with exposed lightbulbs and brick wall facades. It takes inspiration from kissaten (old-world Japanese establishment) where the open concept of the kitchen's preparation plays in the background.

The ambience is laidback and casual, and as our tasting was during a Thursday evening its no wonder the restaurant was packing a full house, the crowd most made up of families, students and working executives. 

We start off straight into the heart of action: their Signature Miam Miam Sphagetti ($15.80). Easily an all time favorite, the dish is light and fragrantly Sautéed with a mish mash of frankfurters, tomatoes, baby spinach and bacon pieces. I could detect the hints of butter which lent to the smooth lightly creamy texture, and you can't get a more full-tasting sauce to go with this, besides Miam Miam's special broth and shoyu sauce.

 The piping hot Riz Au Curry ($15.50) is a hot-pot dish that reminds me of home-made meals. Rice is sautéed with fresh tomato chunks, broccoli and succulent pork frankfurters. On the top, a nice thick layer made out of p uffy egg and cheese adds to the richness (and sinfulness) of the dish. Rice remain moist inside, and you can break the yolk on the top to mix it together to give it another dimension of flavour. The curry is sweet-spicy, not too hot for me...and its a super filling dish for the hunger-pang ridden.

With the hype and novelty surrounding Squid Ink Pasta ($16.80), I simply had to give it a try. Now if you were expecting a salty, fishy-smelling dish, you'll be as surprised as me. The pasta is toss-fried in Extra Virgin olive oil (+ healthy points) and Ikasumi (squid ink sauce to give it the dark hue). A decent amount of chewy squid rings is also added, and topped off with a wasabi infused oil, to add that zingy kick to the dish's overall flavor. 

The Valrohna Chocolate Souffle ($13.80) is a balance of rich and lightness; with the molten chocolate oozing as you cut it. It had a bit of a hazelnut twang to it like melted nutella, and the souffle was fluffy and light without being too moist inside, to juxtapose the richness of the taste. Although just right for 1 person's serving, I actually felt rather stuffed after going through half of it. 

Miam Miam wasn't kidding when they dubbed their pancakes as "the thickest and fluffiest you'll ever have". This Caramelized Banana Pancake ($12.80) I estimate its at least a good 3 inches high, and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream with sweet caramelized bananas (very slight sweet-bitter aftertaste) and blueberries. Finally, this oh so photogenic dessert is beautifully drizzled with chocolate sauces and nutty bits. A definite not to be miss for the dessert-lovers!

But one that really took my heart surprisingly was the classic Famous French Toast ($9.80): stacked bite-sized slices of french bread toast that is grilled to a slight char. At the apex, sits a palm-sized dollop of the vanilla ice-cream which given, the heat drips down slowly to go with honey syrup drenched pieces. I have officially died and gone to heaven, but shall come back to earth for seconds of this.  

Make your reservation and embark on that gastronomical journey now! I'll definitely be seeing the likes of Miam Miam very soon again! Do note though that they prepare dishes are prepared a la minute, so do calculate time taken for queuing and waiting time for food cooking, approximately 15 minutes per dish.

But hey, good things are worth the wait right?

 Miam Miam is located at 
#01-21/22 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532 | Tel: 68370301 


  1. That spaghetti T___T looks so delicious.

  2. Have been reading about thus place and really should try it out soon! That soufflé looks really yummy! Thanks fifa sharing!


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