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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Launch + Review: Lush Cosmetics Summer Favorites

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the beauty perks of the season! I would say although relatively new in the local beauty scene, here's a quick 411 on this much revered international beauty and skincare brand. LUSH is renowned for its products being made with only the freshes and finest ingredients, of which some originates from their Sustainable Lush Funded (SLush Fund) projects; are "self-preserving; cruelty free; and handmade freshly to order for our shops nationwide." -(quoted)

Was so lovely to walk around the store, which is just a sensorial mishmash of all things fragrant,colorful and interesting! In fact, the LUSH team really got us bloggers hands on in making our own bathbombs....of which this writer attempted but failed pathetically.

After the launch, the good people sent me packing with a bountiful hamper of the new summer range for here I go!

Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb ($10.50)

Inspired by the Purple Gang’s song ‘Granny Takes a Trip’; this is a multi-coloured bath bomb that boasts a spicy yet zesty fragrance thanks in part to its ginger and pepper ingredients.  Directions to use: drop it into a bath of water and let it dissolve fully in a rich soapy lather before stepping in. Apart from giving an energizing boost through its aromatherapy, the ginger and pepper adds warmth to the touch.  

Now sadly, as I don't have a bathtub at home so I'm just going to save this for my next staycation trip with the boy. I picture however, this is one thing that will definitely bring out the inner child in you or be such a marvel for the little ones during bath time. Nonetheless, I leave you with this video at the launch where the bathbomb is dropped in water. The result is immediate and dramatic, the sweet fragrance wafts up with a constant bubbling as it dissolves gradually.

African Paradise Body Conditioner ($66.00 /for 245g) 

This was pretty novel to me; there's conditioners for hair...but now for body as well? Apparently so. This luscious in-shower condiment contains the best of African oils, butters and fruits. True to its corporate philantrophy, the ingredients originate from its funded fair trade projects in Africa, such as the Shea Butter and moringa oil from Ghana which lightens skin tone; whereas Kenyan aloe vera; and ylang ylang from Ghana in the fragrance blend. 

Interesting to note, is that due to farming habits, the ingredients in each bottle may differ since its they are of limited availability. Directions to use: After washing, simply slather onto your damp skin, leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off. Because the product is quite rich, do use sparingly. 

Do take note of the person sticker on most of its products, which will clearly state who prepared it, when it was produced and its expiry of freshness!

It feels like a cream when applied, and I made sure to work it in circular motions on the drier parts of my body like my feet and elbows. When rinsed off after 3 minutes or so, I find that it leaves skin moisturized with a faint shea butter scent. One thing I would note, is that make sure your body is damp not soaking wet as the conditioner will slop off if you apply immediately after shower. You may still feel slightly greasy due to its consistency, but the feeling will fade once you towel off . 

D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Cream ($20.00 /for 100g)

This shaving cream at first sight, looks more like strawberry icecream and sure smells like one. Made of fresh strawberries, coconut oil, maple and corn syrups and egg whites. Basically, fresh strawberries are whisked together with Cocoa Butter from the FUNDOPO collective (in the Dominican Republic) to give skin a moisturizing boost. What gives it that fluffy puffy texture is thanks in part to the egg whites, to minimize razor contact while you shave/defluff. 

Directions for use: It is stated that this is suitable for both men and women. Apply onto damp skin area, then shave as per usual. For someone like me who epilates more rather than shave, it is great that this can also be used as a body wash. Which was awesome, because I adore the light musky scent of its vanilla absolute, with faint rose notes. The consistency is similar to shaving/whipped cream, but really helps to calm aggravated skin during shaving (read: razor burn, something I encounter often).
As a wash though, it doesn't lather much but still cleans pretty well.

Mangnificent & Parsely Porridge Soap ($13.30 /per 100g)

Two new soaps added to their ever growing collection of soap block choices is the Mangnificent and Parsely Porridge. Good news for a self-professed soap addict like myself!

First up, the Mangnificent soap is a fruity bonanza to say the least, with a very vibrant burst of mango scent; and also features nourishing Sicilian lemon, mandarin and neroli oils. Besides revigorating the senses, its combination of dried and fresh mango helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Additionally, it also conditions skin with its embedded vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; including Tunisian neroli oil which has a lifting and toning effct.

The Parsley Porridge soap reminds me abit of Body Shop's tea tree range. No surprises, considering it also uses tea tree oil and thyme, making it a potent antibacterial soap that's still mild enough for both body and facial use. Especially good for people suffering from oily acne prone skin. Furthermore, it contains fine milled porridge oats which helps to exfoliate away dead skin while giving that deep cleanse.

Both I feel give a clean was but it doesn't lather much due to absence of Sodium Laureth Sulphate, a chemical component that creates lather and is sometimes a cause for skin irritation.

Zest Hair Gelly ($38.00 /for 100g)

Again, I was pleasantly surprised when I came to this product. I love the citrusy smell of it, which features a myraid of oil ingredients from the bitter orange tree. Such as sweet wild orange oil, the pettigrain oil extracted from its twigs; as well as neroli oil from its flowers. And if you have dry hair, you'll be happy to know there is also nourishing Carrageenan extract which helps thicken hair and Irish moss seaweed create texture.

Directions to use: Either pinch or tap out a sufficient amount, and rub it between your palms to coat before running it through your hair where necessary.

Now despite it states to be a medium -strong hold, I personally feel that it veers more to a soft-medium hold. I wouldn't recommend this to guys who need the holding power for hairstyles, but I am very satisfied with how a 20c dollop is enough to sooth me flyaway strands and  hold my floppy fringe in place (pictured below), sans any greasy after feel.

Thank you Lush Cosmetics for the invite and the review items, I only wish I discovered you guys a whole lot sooner! Do check them out on their website at and their facebook for more natural goodness


  1. Handmade cosmetics looks very easy to prepare and we can see how did they prepare all of the stuff, I usually prefer to buy those things. And before-after photo is completely WOOW!! your skin looks more beautiful *-* I really really loved this post, thanks for sharing us.

  2. I like this multi-coloured bathbomb ! And i think my kids will love it too........ thinking of getting them. Thanks for sharing.......GigLove


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