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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Mystism at Masego the Safari Spa!

On Halloween every year, I usually do my own treat and tricking around town; but this year I figured I should do something a little different. So eschewing my Halloween tradition of dressing up, I decided to bring my sister and the boyfriend to Masego the Safari Spa, where I've been kindly invited to experience their Halloween special event: Secrets of the Masego. 

Beauty pampering with a twist? Hell, sign me up! (Pun totally intended)

I met up with Celine and her boyfriend to head in together; and each of us were given coupons to redeem drinks and its grand lucky draw, as well as a 60-min Masego’s signature Safari full body massage pass (to redeem on another day) which I am definitely looking forward to reviewing :)

Starting off with the theatrics, visitors were told to drink a tribal concoction (actually I think it was just sweet juice haha)...

For this particular night, the spa has been transformed to a series of tents which offered various activities; ranging from tarot card reading, ear-candling, and head massages which you can go to. Some of these services are payable so do remember to bring sufficient cash when there.

Dangling at the entrance way was this incredible aerial performer on a stash; her movements are ridiculously effortless and graceful. Still in awe at her skills, you can check out the video below..

Ben was delighted to know that there was Ear-Candling available and immediately made a beeline for it. Just look at his "shiok"(indulgent) face while I had my reservations about dangling a cone of wax on fire stuck into an orifice. In the end, I gave in and had my very first trial....which was pretty good. Essentially, there is a squeaky sound similar to a deflating balloon that emits the wax burns, causing a vacuum which dries out moisture from the ear.

I being the perennial foodie, was busy checking out the tantalizing dishes, courtesy of The Lab, who specialise in African-fusion cuisines. Rice tasted similar to Briyani but my real love is reserved for the chicken skewers which were grilled to juicy perfection. 

 Whilst my sister happily indulged in the Tribal Nail Art corner, where she got kitty nail foils to match the bewitching occasion. Which was a good call, because it was quite popular and there was quite a long queue for it after.

Get into the mood and character of the tribe by heading over to the face-painting corner where the facial motif of choice will be painted in UV Tribal Face-paint...and under the darkness it looks super cool! Tried convincing my sister to get a full-blown artwork with multi-colors done but she remains unconvinced and settle for this instead...

Despite this Avatar-looking sister of mine, I assure you we are related.
End our evening was one of the highlights of the event: the aerobatic dances performed by Asia's top dance team, whom were specially flown in from Bali and have been since wowing audiences in major clubs in Asia. Just look at them go!

Thank you for making our Halloween memorable and I look forward to what in store for the next year!

Still not too late to get a piece of the action! Tickets priced at $88 (redeemable for $68 full body massage) for 5-hr entry into Masego Safari Spa to enjoy spa treats and spooktecular Halloween fun. Group booking of 6 tickets @ $75 for SAFRA members while student/senior citizens,NSF enjoy it @ $60 for child ages 6 to 12.

Get your tickets from sistic here today:

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