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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review: Glamglow's Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment

If you have been reading my past few posts, I having been waxing lyricals (read here and here) about the unsurpassed level of quality of the celebrity beauty buzzword brand, Glamglow.The newest addition to the Glamglow family is Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment, which gives you the best of both worlds, as a mud mask that almost magically transform into oil upon water contact! Buildups are a thing of the past with this double cleansing regime.

So, what exactly IS in this little jar of green? I found it cute how Glamglow has some quirky jargon for their ingredient blends:
  • OILIXER: a custom combination of 4 powerful, deep cleansing oils which are anti-greasy and fast to absorb by skin. This consists of nourishing Prickly Pear Oil, Pine Oil and Frankincense Oil for a thorough cleansing and toning of skin, whereas Myrrh Oil aids in skin's healing and renewal process.
  • TEAOXI® VELVET LEAF: Velvet Mullein Leaf crushed extremely finely for in-jar steeping :meaning its soaked in the other ingredients to extract the fresh goodness, of its valuable fatty acids, minerals & saponins (natural cleansing agents found in plants) to help nourish the skin while providing cleansing, delivering a Clean Velvety Finish. 
  • CLAYTOX is a 4-Clay blend which gives skin an ultra-gentle detoxification and controlling sebum levels, using Rare Brazilian White Clay, Bentonite Clay, Pure Kaolin Clay and Bio-Mineral Green Clay.
  • PUREIFIER uses cleansing agents, astringents and exfoliators which complement each other to purify and condition the skin from its impurities buildup. Benoitine – Helps Improve Dermis Renewal. Witch hazel as an astringent to fight blemishes, and Micro Fine Rice sloughts off the dead skin on the top layer.

The pear fragrance is refreshing and light which helps relax my senses as I massage the silky mud onto face, and letting the product sit. A short while later, I experience a slight cool tingling on face as the cleansing power takes play. As the clay dries off into a darker grey, I could feel a moderate tightening sensation. About 10-15 mins, I rinse it off with ease as the oil helps to do a second cleansing and the micro rice grains aren't too harsh when exfoliating. I like how the oil also helps to keep my skin hydrated as clay mud masks can be abit drying sometimes, leaving a matte afterfeel.

Its official, Powermud has officially replaced Youthmud as my new favourite of the Glamglow range. I personally like applying a sparing layer once a week, but for days like I'm helping with the boyfriend for his car events. My skin feels really clean and brightened after about 3 weeks usage. I apply a much thicker layer. The only bone I'd have to pick is that it dries off pretty quickly so you have to be fast and decisive when applying onto face otherwise you get a rather uneven splotchy result. 

Yet another definite repurchase for me, the Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment is currently retailing $92 at all Sephora outlets.

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