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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Digital Fashion Week 2014: Max Tan

The Max Tan show was a surprising one, having been to a few of his shows, where previous years saw his use of earthly hues of khakis and easy-flowing fabrics.Taking inspiration from the Hindu beliefs of Karma and Rebirth, manifested into outfits that are generous in proportions, coupled with billowing silhouettes and strong monotone choices.

This year saw a new shapes; namely boxy, almost pillow-y, exaggerated proportions of coats and shirts, which somehow made me think of Margiela's earlier collection with H&M.

The fierce eye-wear each model wore featured round flap-out frames with leather straps for the forehead... #ladygaga would definitely approve. Absolutely love to see this in stores soon!

The color palette has also venture into unexpected neon hues, such as hot pink and lime green. But good changes aside, he still injects his signature tailoring to details, such as the deconstruction of shoulder sleeves and the draping, rounded infinite effect of certain coat openings. so that it doesn't fall flat like the conventional. Drapy black numbers anchor the flamboyancy of the colorful pieces, very easy to wear. 

The showcase ended with one of the star attractions : grand dame Carmen Dell' Orefice took to the stage wearing a faux triple-coat dress as a sweeping dramatic look, very worth of a woman of her caliber. She redefines the word Supermodel, because at 83 years old she is officially dubbed as the oldest working model in the world! It was quite a surreal experience to watch her literally glide down the runway with the regality of a queen. 

Congratulations to Max Tan for yet another exciting collection delivered! Barely catching our breaths, up next on the local lineup is In Good Company, and I'm excited to see what they have to offer this season after last year's chic pieces.

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