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Sunday, November 23, 2014

LUSH Christmas Collection 2014

It's always an exciting affair when Christmas rolls around the corner, and I dare say that no one does it better than LUSH! The colours, the festive smells and just the ever-bubbly team in general was enough to instill me with anticipation as we were presented the launch of their Christmas collection 2014. You ain't seen pretty until you've seen this!

I'm taken back to a time where everything was pink, fluffy and magical! The Candy Mountain ($9.50) is a re-usable bubble bar that can lasts  up to ten bubble baths. You lather abit of it in the bath for a vanilla scented bubble bath and  simply let it dry for anoher time.

But if that's too much trouble, the saccharine of Snow Fairy Body Wash ($14) will make you smile with its happy color and sweet scents of  Vanilla and Carrageenan (a seaweed extract). The scent is also available in a Snow Fairy sparkle massage bar, where you can get party ready by gently running the bar over your arms, shoulders and collarbone area to get a lightly sweet scent and a layer of shimmer on skin.

A witty reference to the Breakfast at Tiffany's movie, the beautiful Holly Go Lightly bath pudding ($16) looks good enough to eat. As you lather it under water, you'll be immersed in the blanket of holiday festive scents which include Lime Oil, Patchouli Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Oil. It smells as glorious as it looks, I assure you!

For those who prefer a richer, headier fragrance; look no further than the Hot Toddy Shower Gel ($14). This glittery shower gel inspired by the fond memory of reading near a toasty fireplace: the gel smells spicy with a warming feeling upon use due to its Ginger Root and Cinnamon Leaf Oil ingredients. Pops of Orange and Lime Oils have toning properties while you indulge in the wash!

Hands down the cutest looking product of the set is the Christmas Penguin ($11); almost too cute to be used. Inspired by the world's smallest penguins from Philip Island in Australia, the bath bomb unlocks the magnificent blend of Orange Flower Absolute, Sicilian Mandarin and Lemon Oils to reignite the senses and spirit.

Bath gets a dash of musical fun with 2 choices of the musical bubble bar: Choose from the star-shaped Magic Wand for a musky Vanilla scent or the Drummers Drumming, which contains reinvigorating Bergamot, Geranium topped off with the frutiness of fresh strawberries. Both priced at $18 each.

If you like fresh scents that aren't overly sweet, then you will like this new glittery So White shower gel ($16 for 100g) as much as I do. Sharing the extract same fragrance as its same-name bath bomb, it contains a fruity mix of Apple, Sweet Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil which helps to destress during bath, while its Almond Oil replenishes skin's moisture.

Ok, I am a total sucker for all things colourful so this Baked Alaskan soap ($12, 100g) definitely catches my heart. At first glance, it looks like a snowball, but cut it open to reveal inside smaller 'snow (soap)balls' which contain an unbelievably refreshing blend of Lemon Myrtle, Ylang Ylang Oil and Grapefruit, which not only relaxes the senses but helps in toning skin! One of my picks of the collection :)

What is a LUSH christmas launch without its standard fun activities? We got our creative fingers down to customizing our very own snowman creations with their very malleable soft soaps, Snowman Fun.

While we do not have Winter in Singapore, building a Snowman is still possible! A pack contains 3 portions of colored soft soap in orange, black and white. The black is made from carbon black coal, the orange is scented with a delightful Carrot fragrance. The soaps include zesty ingredients like Sicilian Lemon oil and Bergamot Oil to refresh the senses. Here is one for both the young and old!

As always, we got to bring back some of the goodies to personally try it out!

Cinders Bath Bomb($8.50), an old favourite is much loved for its cherry scent with a slightly spicy base. This bath bomb will recreate the feeling of  family gathering at the fireplace; with its Popping Candy, Sweet Almond Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Oil for invigorating the senses. The most photogenic one here sis Dashing Santa bath bomb($10.50), which looks as good as it smells: a lifting scent medley of citrus essential oils and satsumas, Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange Flower.

Also a classic and bestseller, this is my pick of the three. Snowcake soap smells just like the irresistible almond marzipan (a kind of sugary confection), and captures my heart with its delicate hints of  gorgeous Rose Absolute and berry scented Cassie Absolute. When lathered for use, the scent is much softer and muskier to me. 

Don't neglect your lips when kissing duty calls under the mistletoe! You probably won't with the Santa's Lip Scrub ($20), which helps gently exfoliates dead skin from your puckers, but keeping them conditioned and hydrated with its Virgin Coconut Oil extract. It smells abit of cola sweets and gives lips a tint of a lovely cherry-red shade. Try HARD not to eat it while trying on. 

Plus, a closer-look of the earlier mentioned So White shower gel in its shimmery glory! 

Here is how it looks when swatched on hand; simply gorgeous! You can spot the little heart pieces in the lip scrub and the lightly shimmer of the So White Body Wash.

It is definitely beginning to feel like Christmas, and LUSH has reaaaaalllyy got me excited for the festivities. Oh Christmas, PLEASE be here already! It's nearing the end of November, so get those shopping shoes on and head down to any LUSH outlets today! All items featured here are currently retailing in stores.

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