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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

THEFACESHOP 1st Million Special Anniversary & Raspberry Roots Range launch

Congratulations to FACESHOP, who recently celebrated the anniversary of their 1 million-th product sold! Held at the 1-Altitude, the skyscaper monolith was the perfect setting for the event that overlooked the cityscape of the Central Business District. The beautiful in-charge Alethia thrilled us throughout the night with games and lucky draw prizes, whilst we got sneak peeks of their latest product range.

In conjunction with the celebrations, we brought home their latest range in skincare: the Raspberry Roots range, which primarily features Raspberry Roots from the Himalayas. Packed rich with natural anti-oxidants, it helps to promote collagen synthesis, letting you wake up to tighter and firmer skin.

Stole this adorable pic of my ladies of the night from Celine
First up, the Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask (100ml/$25.90).  
To apply, simply slather a sparing layer all over face after completing the rest of your regular nighttime skincare regime. Allow it to sit throughout the night before cleansing face the morning after.

Similar to the Laneige sleeping pack, this translucent gel mask glides on to skin easily. 
Now its a tad on the sticky side but we must remember that its heavier consistency helps to keep skin nourished as we tent to lose water content throughout the night as our body renews itself. I love how supple my face feels the morning after, with a slightly dewy sheen.

Next, we can't neglect the eyes which are the windows to your soul. The Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel (20ml/ $25.90) is a lightweight gel that hydrates and cools down swollen, puffy eye areas. It contains caffeine extracts which helps to stimulate blood circulation, thus reducing water retention. Coupled with Vitamin C derived from Grapefruit, this baby helps to lighten dull skin tone. 

The Lecithin Gel Network formula (extracted from Soya bean) gives that silky smooth texture for gliding onto the skin and the combination of Sage, Chamomile and Aloe Vera helps to soothe and calm down stressed skin. It also contains Purslane (a type of root weed) fortifies skin against substances that cause allergies and bacteria. 

Sometimes I get abit lazy on my beauty regimes so its great that there exists the Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch (2 sets/ $8.90). An eye-lifting mask that is imbued with Himalayan Raspberry Root extracts and Marine Collagen: a duo complex to hydrate and firm up your eye area by stimulating and encouraging collagen formation to reveal younger looking skin.

To apply, I remove protective plastic film and place the eye patch under the eyes (with the gel side against the skin, and the gauze side facing outwards). I usually let the product sit for around 20 mins, or when I feel that the gel is absorbed before removing it. You can also do what I do, which is to put it in the fridge beforehand so it doubles the de-puffing power as the coolness helps to stimulate circulation around the eyes.  

All items reviewed from the Raspberry Roots range is currently retailing at all TheFaceShop outlets.


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