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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review: Creme Simon Brightening & Detox range

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Beauty aficionados, its time to rejoice: Creme Simon, France's longest beauty secret is officially in Singapore! To do this century long beauty name justice, we need to go back in time; where it all began in 1860. Founder Joseph Simon wanted to create a remedy for the chapped hands of laundresses working at the River Rhone, where he loved taking walks. His breakthrough discovery brought about the birth of his namesake product, Creme Simon, which actually rivaled the market-leader then, PONDS, with its stable shelf-life longevity.

So, what's in it? 

Creme Simon's trademark ingredients is the Activ Fleur Complex, a medley of natural botanical extracts which include 7 different flowers: Damask Rose, Neroli, Iris, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bourbon. Apart from attributing to a lovely fragrance, these active ingredients pack a nourishing boost in brightening skin's luminance by reducing pigmentations. 

Apart from this, each product in this particular range also contains Wheat-Oligosaccharides Complex (a type of plant fiber), that helps to lighten skin tone by reducing melanin and pigmentation. It also contains concentrations of Rose, Iris and Jasmine, which feeds oxygen for skin to breathe and acts as an antioxidant, eliminating free radicals to boost healthy skin luminosity. 


I found this rather novel: products that are customized for climate needs! Simply refer to the back of the packaging, where the symbols will indicate which products suits best: The Sun represents Hot Climate, Waterdrop for High humidity Climate, and Snowflake for the Cold Climate. I really appreciate that products are mostly lightweight textures that leave a matte finish without the use of silicon which can clog pores and cause buildup. Truly a godsend! 

I am blessed to be given the opportunity to test out the FULL range of the Brightening and Detox range to test drive: a whopping set of 10 items. Here's how I use the it on a regular day routine:

Start of Day...

I kick off with the Oxygenating Foaming Cleanser, which helps oxygenate and promote CO2 and toxin elimination to clarify skin and brighten the complexion. The richy lathered bubbles are fun and I like how clean my face is after just one pump, without leaving my face feeling taut.

Now that my face is cleansed, I move on to replacing the moisture level. The Dermo-Activ Floral Serum looks like a cream when dispensed, but once spread and massaged into face, it transformed into a lightweight watery texture. Its just a tad heavier than my usual serums but I feel its good enough as a stand alone if you need to skip moisturiser.  

....which brings me to the next; the Oxygenating Light Day Moisturizer. Apart from the standard Activ-Fleur complex, this contains Trehalose (desert plants extract) to maintain moisture levels, coupled with Sodium Hyaluronate. J'adore this! Its about the same lightweight as the serum but I feel the hydrating power is longer lasting after a whole day at air-conditioned work. I would always still recommend readers to apply moisturizer where possible.

Yes ladies, in my earlier posts I've stressed non-stop about this no. 1 skin killer and the importance of sunscreen. The Daily Defense UV Protector SPF 50 uses two types of sun protection: Zinc Dioxide, which is less likely to give white cast, and is more superior in blocking harsher UV-A rays than its other counterpart Titanium Dioxide. Both the boyfriend and I approve its satin smooth texture but resilient stay despite perspiration.

Just before leaving, my eyes need a quick pick-me-up: the Multi-Eye Benefits Eye Treatment Gel. Its similar to the Ginvera roller-ball eye gel I used to have, but I like that this one has better control over the dispensed amount, as you'll need to turn the dial around it first to release the liquid, before rolling in its watery-light gel along the undereye. This can double up as a prep for undereyes before concealers, so that the makeup glides without being patchy.

Before Sleeping 

When I am back after that dreaded 9 hours from work, its all about cleansing and nourishing. With makeup, grime and sweat accumalated, I start by using the Micellar Water Makeup remover for Face & Eyes. A watery texture, its glides over areas of the face easily, and leaves it feeling hydrated after wiping without harshly drying up skin. 

I would say that it does an excellent job in removing face makeup at one go, but for tough smudgeproof + waterproof eyeliners and mascaras, I need about 2-3 swipes to full removal.

I need a thorough cleansing and so I'm using the Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub. Unlike other brands that use artifcial soap beads, this one contains finely-milled natural wheat and Jojoba beads to exfoliate the impurities and dead skin without being to harsh to my sensitive skin. My face feels less bumpy and the blackheads on my nose area is reduced quite significantly.

We know that after exfoliation, it is important to close open pores after cleansing. And so I use the Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist as my choice astringent. This is also great to use as a skin prep before makeup, and helps it stay on longer and application smoother. It a tad sticky so do let it fully dry before moving on to makeup or next product.

Moving on, the Restorative Light Night Moisturizer replenish my skin's moisture level. I wonder if its just me but this actually feels lighter than the day moisturiser, and it simply transitions from a light cream to almost watery-gel texture as you smooth it over your face, mattifying immediately. Its plant-based emollients such as soja oil (soyabean) keep skin moisturized.

On to the weekends...

I alternate between the night cream and the Restorative Sleeping Mask. A leave-on gel mask similar to Laniege's, I like using this when I feel the needs for an extra hydration boost. Its lightweight and I prefer leaving this refrigerated before applying it for a cooling effect. Leave it on as you sleep, and the result is a naturally dewy complexion the morning after. I feel that my face looks more supple after 2 weeks.

And I saved the best for last, the Madame of the range: Creme Universelle. The original cream has been touted as a multi-tasking gem: use it for anything from after sun skin care, nourishing those dry cuticles, a spot of moitsure for dry elbows and heels, and calm skin inflammations and irritations. Its Aloe Vera, Shea butter ingredients mean that skin is healed, and protected while locking in hydration. I tuck this nifty one in my handbag for a little skin pampering where needed. 

Pretty long post, but I am glad you made it to the end! If you have sensitive skin fret with problems such as Eczemea and Atopic Dermatitis like I do: You'll be happy to know that products are non-comedogenic, and does not contain parabens (preservatives), silicones, alcohol, sulphates, colouring and phenoxyethanol. Hey, if its good enough for the stars, its definitely good enough for me!

Creme Simon is currently retailing at BHG Bishan and Soon Lee @ Haji Lane.
You can also quote purchase them on their online store and get a 10% discount when you quote my discount code RZSVYGM upon checkout.

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